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This type of enema promotes complete evacuation of feces from the colon by stimulating peristalsis by infusion of large volumes of fluid such as tap water, normal saline, fleets, and soap sudes.
What type of solution is tap water enema?
What type of solution in normal saline enemas?
What type of solution is fleets enemas?
what type of solution is soapsuds enemas?
This type of enema softens and lubricate the stool mass example is fleets enema. They are very messy and patients generally can not hold longer than one hours.
oil retention
This type of enema contains medications and must stay in 30-45 minutes to have good effect. Example, Kayexalate enema given to reduce high potassium levels.
medicated enemas
This type of enema is used to place radio-opaque materials into the colon for xray visualization such as barium enemas. These can obstruct bowels if not removed quickly.
Diagnostic enemas.
This type of enema involves fluid instilled into the colon via an enema tube to allow gas to be released such as a Harris flush enema.
Return flow enema
What position would you place your patient about to receive an enema?
sims postition, left side lying with right knee flexed.
How much fluid is involved in adult enemas?
enemas for less than 18 months?
50-200 ml
18 months to 5 year amount of enema?
5 years to 12 years amount of enema?
Insertion depth of enemas
adult: 3-4 inches
child: 2-3 inches
infant: 1-1 1/2 inches
no answer
start with the enema bag about ___ inches above the patient, raise and lower the bag as necessary to control the flow.
If the patient complains of cramping, ____ ____ ____ and slow or stop the infusion unti the cramping subsides, then slowly begin reinfusion.
lower the bag
This type of enema is used to help mobilize pocketed intestinal gas, prepare the patient and solutiion as with as regular enema ( not small commercial enemas) generally 750-1000 ml container
harris flush, distention, or return flow enema