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Sterile technique is used at the bedside when performing procedures that require intentional perforation of the skin such as IM, SQ, ID injectins, and what?
iv insertion
When caring for patients whose skin integrity is broken you would use sterile technique in cases like?
surgical incision, puncture, burn, lacerations, trauma
When inserting a device into a normally sterile body cavity, what are two sterile cavities where sterile technique is used?
lungs and bladder
When is suctioning considered a sterile technique?
when it goes into the lungs
Is and NG tube placement a sterile technique?
no, it goes int the GI tract
Sterile gowns are considered sterile only form the waist to the shoulder and from the cuffs to 2 inches above the ____, cuffs are not sterile and must be covered with sterile gloves.
Moisture that passes through a sterile field draws microorganisms from the non-sterile surface above or belove it onto the sterile field, what is the term for this?
strike through
The edges of a sterile field are considered non sterile.
- ___ inch margin all around the edges is considered non-sterile, items dropped on that margin are considered non sterile
1 inch
Which hand do you glove first when doing sterile technique?
dominant hand
When are straight caths used?
surgery and ob procedures
What type of catheter would you used in these situations:
Immediate relief of acute bladder distention, long term management of patients with incompetent bladders, to obtain a sterile urine specimen, to assess for residual urine after voiding, and to instill medication.
intermittent or straight cath
What type of catheter would you use in these situations:
obstruction to flow of urine, surgical procedures of the urinary tract and surrounding structures, to prevent obstruction by blood clots, to accurately record output in critically ill or comatose patients, to prevent skin breakdown in incontinent comatose patients, to provide for continuous or intermittent bladder irrigation.
Where should you hand a catheter bag at?
bed frame
Is the removal of a catheter a sterile or clean technique?