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What is the term for the number of pregnancies including miscarriages etc?
what is the term for the number of babies delivered after 20 weeks?
What is the Rule of determing due date, you take the first day of the last period, substract 3 months, and add 7 days and then convert to next year?
naegle's rule
This is the term used to describe a rapid reduction of uterine size, to return to a prepregnancy state normally 3FB below the umbilicus?
This is the term for menstrual bleeding never has an earthy or foul odor, if it does it could indicate infection?
This lochia is bright red and is seen 1-3 days post labor?
This lochia is pink and last from the 3rd to the 10th day?
This lochia is a funky white color and is seldom seen in the hospital.
After birth this is flabby formless and appears bruised. The external os is permanently changed in shape after the first pregnancy. By first week, os is open only a fingertip and becomes "slit like" in shape, compared to a dimple shape of a primip.
This may be edematous and bruised after birth. May have superficial lacerations. The size @ 6 weeks is normal in the nonlactating women. In the lactating woman, due to the hormonal changes due to ovarian suppresion, appears, pale, without rugae and cause dyspareunia (painful intercourse).
This is the separation of the abdominal muscles, especially in women who have poor muscle tone. Excercise is needed and if not corrected by exercise, future pregnancies will have inadequate support.
diastasis recti abdominis
What are caused by stretching and rupture of the elastic fibers of the skin, are red to purple at the time of birth. These will fade over time but will still remain visible.
Temperature elevations of <38C= _____ F, is due to a normal process for first 24 hours, also due to milk coming in.
_____: can be late sign of PP hemorrhage, very close assessment of the perineum is necessary. Look underneath the patient and with each fundal height assessment, look at the perineum for bleeding.
What two hormones besides oxytocin have an influence on milk production?
estrogen and progesterone
What is the initial weight loss after labor?
10-12 lbs
How long will it take to return to pre pregnant weight if gain was normal?
6-8 weeks
Maternal Role ____: The process by which a woman learns mothering behaviors and is finally comfortable with her identity of mother.
____ stage: looks to role models while pregnant, especially own mother.
_____ Stage- once the newborn arrives, the mother is still influenced by the guidance of other and behaves as "expected".
_____ stage -begins with making own decisions, developing her own style and functions the way she feels is best.
_____ stage- she is now comfortable with herself as mother.
To relieve pain associate with an episiotomy you can use what three things?
analgesic spray, tucks, sitz bath
With edema you can do what three things?
apply ice, tucks, dermaplast
To help mother have BM you can give her what
stool softeners, fruit, fiber and fluids
What is the term for a < one inch stain on peripad?
what is the term for <four inch stain within one hour
what is the term for <six inch stain within one hour
what is the term for saturated peripad within on hour
Assessing and massaging a boddy uterus. Support uterus at _____ pubis with one hand while gently massaging with kneading motion from top of uterus in a downward motion. Medication for pain, for complaints of cramping and assess for any continued bleeding.
If you are bottle feeding what type of compress would you apply to the nipples
if breastfeeding what type of compress would you apply to the nipples
This stage happens on the 1-2 days may need assistance to make decisions and this is a good time to encourage pt to talk about experience.
taking in
This occur 2-3 pp time for self care, newborn education
taking hold
this occurs 2-6 weeks pp woman may feel inadequate if new role has not been defined, mom may have questions r/t resuming sexual relations
letting go