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German Director, one of the main three of the french new wave.

Directed liebelie 1931 and letters from an unkown woman 1948.

Known for distinctive camera movements, using cranes dollies etc.
Max Ophuls
Little dialogue in films. Famous for monsieru hulot films.

Monsieur hulot's holiday,1953
Jacque Tati
Very meticulous director, known for spiritual style.

attempted to seperate cinematography as a seperate language and medium from film.

a man escaped 1956
Robert Bresson
Directed 400 blows, a french new wave film. semi autobiographical about him as a trouble maker kid.
Francois Truffaut
Directed Breathless. That movie we watched with all the random ass jump cuts.
Jean Luc Goddard
Pink Flamingos director, cult director.
John Waters
Eraserhead director
David Lynch
directed rocky horror picture show
Jim Sharrman
Directed the Apu trilogy, bollywood director. between 1955 and 1960
Satyajit Ray
Directed Ka Ho Na Ho in 2004. Bollywood film set in NY
Nikhil Advani
"we never make the films we dream of making' we make the films we can make. We don't make the ideal films; we make the possible films. It's kind of a style."

Brazilian director
carlos Diegues
Digital film director, used rotoscoping to make waking life and a scanner darkly.
Richard Linklater