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Overall organization of the film
Purposeful patterns in the film
Series of still pictures
Financial and organizational leader of a project
Executive Producer
Person who arranges the financing for the project or obtained the literary property
Line Producer
Oversees the day-to-day activities of director, cast, and crew on set
Associate Producer
Assigns the line producer; acts as a liaison with laboratories or technical personnel
Writer of the script
Above-the-line costs
Costs of literary property, scriptwriter, director, and major cast
Below-the-line costs
Expenses allotted to the crew, secondary cast, shooting and assembly phases, insurance, publicity
Compilation Documentary
Documentary from existing footage
Coordinates the staff to create the film
Series of comic-strip-like sketches of the shots in each scene
Set Unit or Production Design Unit
Unit in charge of visualizing the film's settings
Set Decorator
Modifies the set for specific filming purposes
Costume Designer
In charge of wardrobe
How the storyboard images can be filmed, cut together, and played with sound
Principal Photography
The stage of shooting
Script Supervisor
In charge of all details of continuity; checks performance perks to make sure everything is in sync from shot to shot
First Assistant Director (AD)
Plans each day's shooting schedule; sets up each shot for director's approval; keeps actors energetic
Second Assistant Director
Liaison among the first AD, the camera crew, adn the electricians' crew
Third Assistant Director
Messenger for director and staff
Dialogue Coach
Feeds performers their lines and speaks the lines of offscreen characters during shots of other performers
Second Unit Director
Films stunts, location footage, action scenes, all at a distance from where principal footage is taking place
Stars, supporting players, minor players, and extras
Stunt artists
One who performs stunts
Stunt Coordinator
One who supervises the stunt artist
One who handles animals if they're a part of the movie
Cinematographer or Director of Photography (DP)
Expert on photographic process, lighting, and camera technique; consults with director on how each scene will be lit and filmed; leader of photography unit
Camera Operator
Runs the camera
Key Grip
Person who supervises the grips
Workers who carry and arrange equipment, props, and elements of the setting and lighting
Head electrician who supervises teh placement and rigging of the lights
Production Recordist or Sound Mixer
Records dialogue during shooting;
Boom Operator
Manipulates the boom microphone; conceals radio microphones on the actors
Third Man
Places microphones, lays sound cables, in charge of controlling ambient sound
Sound Designer
Hired during the prep stage; plans the sonic style for the entire film
Visual Effects Supervisor
Oversees the visual-effects unit; prepares and executes process shots, miniatures, matte work, computer generated graphics, and other technical shots
Synchronizes the sound track with the footage in the assembly phase
Master Shot
Shot that records the entire action of the scene
Editor or Supervising Editor
Catalogues and assembles the takes produced during shooting
Company in the business of making films
Exploitation Productions
Low budget products tailored to a particular market