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1. speak English
16. ran behind the building
2. gave a box
17. a size six
3. finally done
18. special material
4. wait on the road
19. a heavy object
5. Oh! So quickly!
20. stay dry
6. ten minutes to go
21. filled with hot water
7. the correct person
22. ten round wheels
8. Halt!
23. stars in the dark
9. became green with envy
24. front and center
10. fly the plane carefully
25. feel warm air
11. circle the island in a boat
26. fact or opinion
12. with a verb and noun
27. six inches long
13. understand nothing
28. decided on the course
14. Yes; it is clear
29. below the surface
15. scientists explain
30. buy some produce
31. power up the machine
46. rest in peace
32. one more time
47. long ago
33. We like to write.
48. with his mom
34. the sun shown
49. inside out
35. I am fine.
50. stood on third base
36. the deep, deep ocean
51. a system failure
37. cannot speak the language
52. a good game
38. a difficult equation
53. built a new road
39. less than a week
54. include the directions
40. rules of government
55. a pair of shoes
41. among the class
56. throw the ball
42. able to bring
57. heat up the food
43. drive up the street
58. contain the spill
44. if we were older
59. It was known.
45. left a note
60. That dog is big.
61. May the force be with you.
76. behind the building
62. brought home
77. a long way to go
63. have some common sense
78. explain the equation
64. bring the pizza
79. on the surface
65. in the shape of a ball
80. minutes to go
66. decided to fly the plane
67. the English language
68. even though
69. scientists understand
70. thousands of years ago
71. finally gave the power
72. stay and wait
73. cannot come quickly
74. clear the table
75. all or some