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What is sanitation?
the effective use of measures which create and maintain healthful enviroment conditions to include safe guarding food and water and the control of disease bearing insects and rodents.
Name two ways of purifying water?
Iodine tablets and boiling.
What is personal hygiene?
the self-employment of practices which will keep one healthy and safeguard the health of others.
What is the disinfectant most often used to purify water?
Iodine Tablets used to purify individual water supply should be what color?
Steel gray.
Water which is not proerly treated can spread what diseases?
Typhoid, Paratyphoid fever, bacillary, dysentery, cholera, leptospirosis and common diarrhea.
What is meant by water dicipline?
Drinking only purified water and conserving the water.
How is water chlorinated in a lister bag?
Clear water is put into the bag.Draw off a canteen cup of water, and break a calcium hypochlorite capsue in the cup. Mix well and pour back into the lister bag. Stir for ten minutes, flush out each faucet and let set for thirty more minutes before using.
How many gallons of water will a water purification (lister) bag hold?
Name three types of waste?
Feces, urine, bath water, liquid kitchen waste, cleaning water, garbage and rubbish.
What is a vector?
Any living organism that can carry a disease-producing virus.
What is artificial immunity?
Resistance to disease acquired from vaccine.
What is potable water?
Drinkable water.
Clothing easily becomes contaminated with any disease-germ that may be present in the stool, in urine, or in the secretion of the nose and throat. Underclothing, if possible, should be changed how often?