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What is the result of excessive prolactin secretion?
Excessive lactation, suppression of gonadotropins (loss of menstruation in women - secondary ammenorrhea), suppression of ovulation. Loss of libido in males.
What 2 hormones suppress prolactin?
Somatostatin and dopamine.
What would cause infarction of the pituitary?
Decreased blood flow in the portal circulation (very low pressure), increased demand of the hypothalamus, increased demand of pituitary without accompanied increase in blood supply.
What causes acromegaly?
Increased GH.
What peptide is stimulated by GH to act on tissues?
Why would a patient with acromegaly experience tingling in his hands?
Carpal tunnel.
Why would a patient with acromegaly experience joint pain?
Arthritis from overgrowth of bone and cartilage.
What is the effect of glucose on plasma GH levels?
Glucose cause release of insulin, which will drive down GH. In this case, pancreas releases insulin but its effects are blocked on the muscle and liver.
What secondary pathology results in patients with acromegaly?
Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes due to tonically high levels of insulin in the circulation.
Why would acromegaly patients become impotent?
Pituitary is compressed/damaged, blood flow may be cut off to the pituitary, or prolactin might be oversecreted due to high levels of GH.
What molecule made in the hypothalamus might be helpful in treating acromegaly patients?
Somatostatin or its analog.
Why might impairment of visual field occur?
Compression of the optic chiasm caused by a macrotumor.