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What is one of the early functions of the placenta?
hPLan endocrine gland that produces 4 hormones necessary to maintain pregnancy/
hCG - human chorionic gonadotropin is the basis for pregnancy tests and can be detected in the maternal serum by __ to __days after conception.
When does hCG reach its peak level?
50-70 days.
what is the purpose of hCG?
preserve function of the ovarian corpus luteum and ensure a constant supply of estrogen and progesterone.
hPL - Human placental lactogen is another protein hormone produced by the placenta. What are its functions? (they are similar to the human pituitary growth hormone.
stimulates maternal metabolism to supply needed nutrients.
Increases resistance to insulin. Facilitates glucose transport across the placenta. Stimulates breast development.
After 10 weeks, the placenta begins to produce what hormone with what effect?
progesterone so the corpus luteum is no longer needed.
What is progesterone's purpose?
maintains endometrium
stimulates maternal metabolism
decreases contractility of uterus
stimulates development of breast alveoli or acini cells.
By the 7th week the placenta is producing most of what hormone?
estrogen (estriol)
What is the purpose of estrogen?
stimulate uterine growth and uteral placenta blood flow.
stimulates myometrial contractility later in pregnancy.
proliferates breast glandular tissue.