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What are the stages of Lung Development
Glandular, Pseudoglandular, Canalicular, Saccular (Terminal Sac Period), Alveolar
Glandular Phase
1 to 16 weeks
Buds of lung begin to develop
3 weeks
Cartilage develop
4 weeks
Pseudoglandular Phase
5 to 16 weeks
Tracheal Rings develop
7 weeks
Vocal Cords develop
8 weeks
Canalicular Phase
16 to 24 weeks
Respiratory bronchioles, cartilages, glands and cilia develop
16 weeks
Gas exchange occur
24 weeks (Canalicular Phase)
Meconium can be seen
16 weeks
Extra Uterine Life possible
24 to 36 weeks (Terminal Sac Phase)
Surfactant begins develop
24 - 36 weeks (Terminal Sac Phase)
Alveolar Phase
36 weeks to term birth
(aveoli mature)
How many umbilical veins
How many umbilical arteries
How much blood gas goes to the lungs in fetal circulation
O2 rich blood supplies the __________ by way of the _______________
Heart, Coronary Circulation
PVR (Pulmonary Vascular Resistance) is
Lungs are full of fluid and do not have gas exchange in
Fetal Life
How pressure is needed to open the lung on the first breath
-60-80 cmH20
How is fetal lung fluid removed from the lung
(1) During vaginal delivery 1/3 squeezed out (2) absorp into pulmonary capillaries (3) clearance by pulmonary lymphatic system
What happens during the transition from fetal circulation
Physiologic Closure of the Foramen Ovale (Pressure in the RA and LA equal, the flap closes flows)
What is PROM?
Premature Rupture of Membrane
What maternal diseases cause hight risk pregnancies?
What is pre-eclampsia?
Recognized 3rd trimester...PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension), Generalized edema, Proteinuria (protein in urine)
What is the main drug use to treat pre-eclampsia?
Magnesium Sulfate
What is considered "premature"
before 37 weeks
What is "post mature?
after 42 weeks
What is IUGR?
Intrauterine growth retardartion (small for gestation age and hypoxic in utero)