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How is circulation different in the fetus compared to adult?
-Blood is shunted around liver
-Blood shunts from R/L in heart
What vessel carries O2Rich blood to the fetus?
Umbilical vein
What shunts blood around the liver? What does it carry it to?
Ductus venosus - to IVC
What shunts the blood from R/L atrium?
Foramen ovale
What blood goes through Foramen ovale?
That from IVC
Where does blood from SVC go?
Through the Ductus Arteriosus
What does the Ductus arteriosus connect?
The pulmonary trunk and Aorta
What takes deoxygenated blood back to the placenta?
Umbilical arteries
What does the Ductus venosus become at birth?
Ligamentum venosum
What does foramen ovale become?
Fossa ovalis
What does the Ductus Arteriosus become?
Ligamentum arteriosum
What major changes occur in fetal circulation at birth?
-Shunts close
-Pulmonar circulation starts
-Pressure on Left > Right
-Umbilical vessels obliterate
What is obliterated umbilical
Vein = ligamentum Teres
Artery = Medial umbilical ligaments