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Ferret order and scientific name
Order: Mustelidae (includes minks, weasels, and skunks)

Scientific name is Mustela putorius furo
Ferret Research importance
Not usually used in research.

Can be used in influenza studies (similar symptoms, viral distribution and immunity as humans)

Neuroendocrinology and toxicology studies

Canine distemper
Ferret behavior
Friendly and inquisitive. Rarely bite unless frightened or in pain. Females with litters can be aggressive. Males will fight if not neutered and housed together during breeding season
Ferret TPR
Temp: 100-104
HR: 180 - 250 bpm
RR: 33-36 breaths/min
Ferret gestation
41-42 days, weaned at 6-8 weeks
Ferret life span and weight
5-8 years

Males weiggh 1-2 kg
Females weigh: 600-900g
Ferret husbandry
Should be housed in solid bottom cages modified to prevent escaping.

Nest boxes and soft towels can be provided to burrow and hide.

Can be trained to use litter boxes
Ferret blood collection
Can do retroorbital sinus only under anesthisia.

Most common are anterior vena cava and jugular vein.

Can do lateral saphenous and cephalic as well
Ferret Diseases
Susceptible to many of the same viral and bbacterial diseases as dogs and cats

Prone to insulinomas and mast cell tumors

Intact males susceptible to prostatic carcinomas and urolithiasis

Aplastic anemia common in intact females (can undergo persistent estrus if not bred, leading to anemia
Ferret vaccinations
Should be vaccinated for canine distember and rabies.

Ferrets have a specific vaccine, derived from chick tissue. Do not give canine distemper vaccine as this will actually CAUSE distemper in ferrets.

Vaccine name is FerVac
Ferret restraint
Pick them up and cradle them in the crook of your arm.

Can also be scruffe and suspended (tends to calm them down for simple procedures)

You can also hold them with one hand across the shoulders, thumb under their chin, and fingers around the neck and behind the forelimbs. The other hand used to hold the hindquarters
Medication administration
SQ (develop a thick layer of fat in sq space in fall and winter), IM (quads or semimembranous muscles), IP, IV (chephalic, saphenous or jugular veins(