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Volume of the earth
24.03 L
Radius of the earth
3.80 km
Mass of the moon
22.87 kg
Circumference of the earth
4.60 km
Surface area of the earth
8.71 km^2
Speed of sound in air at 20 degrees Celsius
2.54 m/s
Mass of the earth
24.78 kg
Land surface area of the earth
8.17 km^2
Water surface area of the earth
8.56 km^2
Earth-sun distance
8.17 km
Mass of the sun
30.30 kg
pi (3.14159...)
2pi (6.283...)
Earth-moon distance
5.58 km
Radius of the sun
5.84 km
Volume of the oceans
21.13 L
e (2.71828...)
Area of the United States
6.98 km^2
Area of North America
7.39 km^2
Perimeter of the United States
4.50 km
Population of the earth
9.82 people
Population of the United States
8.48 people
Seconds in a minute
1.78 s
Seconds in an hour
3.56 s
Seconds in a day
4.94 s
Seconds in a lifetime (US average)
9.39 s
Speed of light in m/s
8.48 m/s
mph in a m/s
.35 mph
Meters in a light year
15.98 m
Inches in a meter
1.60 in
Kilometers in a mile
.21 km
Pounds in a kilogram
.34 lb
Liters in a cubic mile
12.62 L
Cups in a liter
.63 cups
Pints in a liter
.32 pints
Quarts in a liter
.02 quarts
Liters in a gallon
.58 L
Fluid ounces in a liter
1.53 fluid ounces
Seconds in a year
7.50 s
Square meters in an acre
3.61 m^2
Inches in a foot
1.08 in
Feet in a mile
3.72 ft
Avogadro's number
23.79 g/mol
atomic mass units in a kilogram
26.78 u
electron masses in a kilogram
30.04 m_e
Electron-volts in a joule
18.80 eV
Joules in a calorie
.62 J
World power consumption (W)
13.13 W
US power consumption (W)
12.52 W
Power received by earth from the sun
17.24 W