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What is the purpose of Fermentation??
To be used as an optional method from Cell Resp. when O2 is not available to still create ATP
What is Fermentation called in plant cells?
Alchoholic Fermentation
What is Fermentation Called in animal cells?
Lactic Acid Fermentation?
What does fermentation and Cell Resp. have in common for products?
Glucose, 2 ATP
What is produced in Alchoholic Fermentation?
CO2 Ethanol and 2 ATP (net)
What is produced in Lactic Acid Fermentation?
Lactic Acid and 2 ATP (net)
Is Fermentation less effective or more effective than Cell Resp.?
less effective, only produces 2 ATP (net)
Is Pyruvate a factor in Fermentation?
During endurance training what do your cells do?
swtich over from Cell Resp. to Fermentation
What happens if all your cells switch to Fermentation?
What cells switch over last?
You DIE.
Brain and Heart... doesn't matter though you suffocate first
In the Fermentation Demo what is the purpose of the weight?
to keep the pipette from floating
What is Bromthymol blue (BTB) do?
indicates when CO2 has entered a solution.
What kind of organism would only use fermentation?
an organism that lives in an enviroment with no O2 Ex: ocean, near a volcano...
Where does ATP in Fermentation come from?
Glycolsis process
When do humans use lactic acid Fermentation? Why does it occur?
working out; you use up O2 quickly so you need to switch from Cell Resp. to Fermentation