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Where is phosphorus mostly located?
85% in bones
1% in ECF
rest intracellular
What is the normal range of phosphorus?
3-4.5 mg/dl
Why is fasting phosphorus measurment most accurate?
diurnal variation with morning nadir and carbs and gluc lowers phos levels
What are the main causes of hyperphosphatemia? (list 5)
renal failure (MC)
tumor lysis syndrome
metabolic and respiratory acidosis
How does hyperphosphatemia present?
Similar to hypocalcemia
What do you use to treat hyperphosphatemia?
Oral Phosphate Binders

calcium carbonate (PO TID with meals)
Sevelamer (only for dialysis)
Saline diuresis (pt with no renal failure)
Is dialyis effective in reducing hyperphosphatemia?
No. Most phosphate is in intra-cellular stores.