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Function of the female reproductive system
to produce the egg and sex hormones, supports the embryo and nurshes the newborn infant
a person who studies the female reproductive system
Female gonads
functional unit of ovaries
Ovum, 2 million eggs present in the ovary when the baby girl is a fetus
occurs in the ovary as the fetus develops- it also produces a primary follicle
400K eggs left, 1.6 million die-environmental conditions kill the eggs
FSH stimulates
primary to secondary follicle and then turns into a tertiary follicle which is also called a graffian follicle
the release of the graffian follicle-LH causes this
Hyaluronic acid
forms a shell around the egg by connecting follicles, keeps bacteria away from egg
Corpus Luteum
Collapses and assumes an endocrine structure, it also produces progesterone and lasts for 12 days
-if you become pregnant it remains functional for 40weeks
Fallopian Tube(uterine tube)
the finger like projections that guide the egg into the infundibulum (funnel shape). Transports egg from fimbria to uterus
the finger part of the fallopian tube
When does fertilization occur
it occurs in the infundiblum 12-24 hours after ovulation
Ectopic Pregnancy
when the egg implants itself somewhere other than the uterus it is most common in the tubes
PID (pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
often STD's, could be caused by flora/fauna when a pathogen cones inside the pelvic cavity
What happens when the egg is fertilized
it travels to the uterus and then it will plant itself in the wall
What happens when the egg is not fertilized
it will travel to the cervis and then to the cervical OS
provides mechnical protection and nutritional support to the developing fetus
muscular tuble 71/2-9cm long. contains smooth muscles, secretions and water to help keep it moist and is a passageway for excretion of menstral fluids
What projects into the vagina
the cervix
what is the area that surrounds the vagina
Bulbospongiosis muscle
pass on either side of vaginal opening, constrict opening
Functions of Vagina
1.Recieves penis during intercourse
2.Holds, protects and nourishes sperm prior passage to uterus
3.During childbirth forms lower portion of birth canal
4.Home to resident bacteria which are supported by nourishment from vagina
Resident Bacteria of the vagina
pH of vagina is 3.5-4.5 and the resident bacteria are not pathogenic, the pathogenic cant live in the acidic conditions, the bacteria take up space and use up resources
Fungal, bacterial, parasite, can have problems helping the sperm ad can cause an inflammed vagina
Mons Pubis
layer of fat that cushions pelvic bones during intercourse
around female genetelia
Labia Majora
Big lips, epithelial tissue thats simular to scrotum, helps protect the labia minora
Labia minora
connected at the end and produces glans clitoris which surrounds to form the vestibule on anterior end
Gland Clitoris
produces vestuble with labia minora
small chamber that holds the greater vestuble glands and vagina-also the urtheral meatus opens up in the vestuble
Greater vestibule glands
discharges a mucus that helps secrete the vagina and helps with intercourse
Female Circumcision
also called female mutalation-the removal of the labia majora
Mammary glands
support newborn infant, modified sweat glands
composed of ducts from glands
surrounds the nipple, a sebacious gland 4 textures
supported on the pectoralis major-composed of adipose tissue and can move independent
Coopers ligaments
Support mammary glands and stretch over time
Breast cancer
kills 44,000 women per year and 300 men a year
stimulates follicle cells that help produce estrogen
Corpus Luteum
produces progestrone
goes to ovary and starts ovulation
Mittle Schmertz
little pain, when a woman can feel when the egg is being ovulated
inhibits FSH
Turns a girl into a female, helps with glands in breast, endometrium, vagina, female reproductive tract, energizes woman, puts salt in bones and helps produce FSH
Turns a female into a woman, turns the glands on, speeds metabolic rate, increased basal temperature, energizes woman and puts salt in bones