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Chadwick's sign
vascular congestion creates a blue-purple blemish or change in cervical color
a white, curdlike discharge is seen with
gray or white, thin, malodorous discharge is seen with
bacterial vaginosis
yellow or green discharge seen with
excessive menstrual flow
decreased or absent menstrual bleeding
pain directly related to menstraul flow
primary dysmenorrhea
menstrual pain or discomfort not usually associated with physical abnormality or pathology and can be diagnosed with a normal physical exam
secondary dysmenorrhea
menstrual pain or discomfort associated with pathology
primary amenorrhea
means that menses has occured
secondary amenorrhea
menses have ceased for 6 months if the cycle was normally regular and for 12 months months cycle is irregular; can be caused by normal process such as pregnancy, menopause, or indicate underlying problem
assessment of female gu system consists of
inspection and palpation of abdomen, external genitalia, and internal reproductive structures. u will use speculum to veiw the genitalia and collect specimens for lab analysis. through palpation of internal structures includes a bimanual exam and rectovaginal assessment
what position for assessment
lithotomy position
trichomonas or Haemophilus
frothy, malodorous, watery, green or gray discharge
heavy gray-white discharge is a sign of
Chlamydia trachomatis
female circumcision
removal of all or part of the clitoris, labia minora, and labia majora, usually in early childhood or early adolescence. this practice is widespread in many african countries and among some muslim groups
bulging of bladder into anterior vaginal wall
bulging of anterior vaginal wall, bladder, and urethra into vaginal introitus
bulging of rectal wall into posterior vaginal wall
the two most commonly used types of metal specula are
Graves and Penderson
graves speculum usually used
to help u veiw the cervix and examine multiparous women. has a spoon-shaped flare at the distal blade end.
the narrow, flat penderson speculum is used for
childer, women who have never been sexually active, nulliparous women, and some postmenopausal women
normal size of cervix
2.5 cm
nulliparous wm has ---, ---, or ---- os
nulliparous wm has small, round, or oval os
in parous wm, os is
a horizontal slit
the pap smear is a collection of 3 specimens taken from the
endocervix, the cervix, and the vaginal pool
purpose of pap smear
to evaluate cervicovaginal cells pathology that might indicate cancer
all women over age -- or any women whos is --- --- should have an annual pap screening
18, sexually active
cyology report says ''w/i normal limits'' using bethesda system. this donates
a lack of pathogenesis
--- --- is used to assess the internal genitalia
bimanual technique
Goodell's sign
softening of cervix is seen at fifth and sixth week of pregnancy
fallopian tube are rarely palpable
fallopian tube are rarely palpable,
palpation of ovaries depends on the wm's a wm's age and size; ovaries may be tender during palpation if women is in the luteal phase of the menstral cycle
palpation of ovaries depends on the wm's a wm's age and size; ovaries may be tender during palpation if women is in the luteal phase of the menstral cycle