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patronize (noun)
to treat another person as if they are inferior, in a child-like way
machination (noun)
a devious plot or scheme
agnostic (noun/adj)
a person who believes it is impossible to know whether or not there is a god
substantiate (verb)
to prove or verify with evidence
mystical (adj)
spiritual knowledge or experience; some kind of link or connection with the cosmic life force
secular (adj)
outside of church
ecclesiastical (adj)
of or relating to a church
piety (noun)
pure, sincere love of god
cloister (noun/verb)
a place of religious solitude and seclusion; to be closed off from the outside world
sanctimonious (adj)
fake holiness, pretending to be full of piety
ambivalent (adj)
having strong mixed feelings; unable to decide about what course to follow
attrition (noun)
a gradual wearing away of numbers