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What are three ways to stage CKD
Creatinine, Proteinuria, Hypertension
What are some parameters to monitor with CKD?
Body weight, hydration, BP, rads/ultrasound, BUN, Crea, Ca/P, Na/K, tCO2, urine SG, sed/culture, UPC
What are the 6 goals of CKD therapy?
Minimize azotemia, maintain hydration, maintain Ca/P balance, maintain K+, prevent anemia, and prevent metabolic acidosis
Where do you want to maintain BUN levels?

BUN < 60

BUN/CREA <15:1
When do you get uremic signs?
BUN > 90 or CREA >6
Increased PTH with CKD causes ____
Two drugs that can be used to maintain Ca/P balance are ____ and _____
Calcitriol and aluminum carbonates
What are two drugs that are useful to maintain potassium?
K+ citrate
K+ gluconate
What is a good diet for CKD in cats?
Hill's g/d
(want to restrict protein)
Pharmacokinetic considerations with CKD are to reduce doses of 7 drugs which are...
B-lactams, Enrofloxacin, TMPS, Aminoglycoside, Enalapril, Digoxin, and Furosemide
Prognosis for a cat with CKD and UPC >0.43 is
a little less than a year
Prognosis for a cat with CKD and UPC < 0.43 is
about 2 years
Two congenital disorders that may cause feline CKD are
Polycystic disease in Persiand and Himalayans
Amyloidosis in Abysinnian and Oriental shorthairs
CKD is a major healthy problem that affects (geriatric/adult/young) cats
geriatric (>10y)
What are some historical findings of chronic kidney disease in cats
Wt loss, anorexia, depression, PU/PD, vomiting, weakness, constipation
What is the mechanism for renal secondary hyperparathyroidism?
Calcitriol is responsible for Ca and P absorption. It is made in the kidneys and levels decrease with CKD causing decreased Ca and P and stimulating PTH release
When should replacement therapy be considered with anemia?
When Hct is <20 and clinical signs of anemia are present