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I am shy.
I keep trying and trying but I can't figure out the answer.
Boy, I'm glad that is over!
I am confused because that is hard to understand.
I think that I can pass the math test.
You scared me!
Do not scratch that cut. That will make it worse.
I feel different and strange in my new school.
I'm not sure which way I should turn--left or right?
Oh! I wasn't expecting that to happen.
I don't feel comfortable around strangers.
The judge sent me to prison because the jury decided that I was not innocent.
I am surprised to hear about the terrible accident.
I am unhapy
I can not do that by myself.
I'm afraid!!
I'm sorry that I got mad at you and I wish that it had not happened.
I feel good about reaching a goal.
She is not guilty of taking the cookies from the jar without permission.
I am in pain.
I've decided that I WILL make an "A" on my spelling test.
The room smells awful!
I feel very sad and gloomy!
After I failed the test, I didn't want to try again.
You made me blush when you said those nice things about me.
I can't wait to go to the concert!
The answer is "NO"!
I am sure that everything will turn out okay.
I'm VERY tired after running that race.
I wish I had a Nintendo game like yours.
I'm sad that I did not get to go out for recess today.
I wonder what is in the box?
I'm so excited!!
I play alone and am very sad.
I like to do nice things for
other people.
I didn't mean to break the toy.
I do not understand it and I don't know what to do next.
I am pleased with what I have done.
I love my country.
I am afraid of everything!
I am being very careful!
I know that I am right!
I have a bad cold and feel awful!
I feel like arguing or fighting with someone.
He bothers me and won't leave me alone.
Our country is not at war.

There is no fighting.
I'm very worried and afraid.
I have a bad feeling that something terrible has happened.
I am eager and interested in learning about the contest.

He made me feel very foolish and embarrassed.
I feel that something good will happen today.
The crowd was very angry.
The lady laughed and cried a lot for a long time because she was very excited.
I do not care if you stay or go. It makes no difference to me.
I pay close attention to what I'm doing so I won't make mistakes or get hurt.
I am sad because I am all by myself.
I am crazy about you and like you very much!
I'm think that my friend likes the new girl more than she likes me.
I am curious to learn more about lots of things.
My little brother is always getting into trouble.
My mother likes me VERY MUCH!