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In comparison to the states, the power of the federal government today...
is VASTLY more powerful
Under a unitary system, the central(national) gov't can do what to the lower levels of gov't? Is this true of a federalism?
Alter or eliminate. No.
In the US, the interstate highway system and services to the unemployed are examples of gov't services seen as...
STATE FUNCTIONS which are regulated by the federal gov't
Under federalism, __________, which is certainly one factor in explaining the ___________.
the costs of political participation tend to be lower, increase in political activism at the local level
The 10th amendment was ment to ensure the powers of...?

Was this included in the original document?

No consensus existed as to what type of interstate commerce would be regulated when the _________ was written.
Alexander Hamilton
Consistant supporter of a strong federal gov't
Tomas Jefferson
in favor of decentralizing both political and economic power
One of the issues ultimately settled by the CIvil War...
the source of sovreignty of the national gov't, and the source is the people