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S 1001
Determination of Amount and Recognition of Gain or Loss
S 1011
Adjusted Basis for determining Gain or Loss
S 1012
Basis of Property - Cost
S 1014
Basis of Property - Acquired from Decedent
S 1015
Basis of Property - Acquired by Gifts and Transfers in Trust
S 1016
Adjustments to Basis
S 1341
Claim of Right - Computation where TP restores substantial amount held under claim of right
S 61
Gross income defined
S 62
Adjusted income defined
S 63
Taxable income defined
S 170
Charitable Contributions and Gifts
S 102
Gifts and Inheritances - Exclusion
S 104
Compensation for Injuries - Exclusion
S 108
Income from Discharge of Indebtedness - Exclusion if title 11, insolvent - but reduction of tax attributes
S 117
Qualified Scholarships - exclusion
S 167
S 168
Accelerated Cost Recovery System ACRS
S 197
Amoritzation of Goodwill and other Intangibles
S 263(a)(1)
Capital Expenditures are not a current deduction
S 195(b)(1)
immediately deduct $5000 of start up costs phased out from $50,000 up dollar for dollar.