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How were the Articles of Confederation and the Iroquois League similar?
Brought groups of people together
A national legislature was part of the national government under the Articles of Confederation. True or False?
What was the purpose of the Northwest Ordinance?
to set up a system by which new states could be formed.
Where did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention meet?
What was the Three-fifths compromise about?
Counting of slaves for the purpose of representation and taxation
What is used to determine how many representatives a state will have in the House of Representatives?
population of the state
The Supreme Court is part of the _______ branch of government.
The Federalist was a collection of letters that _________________.
defended/ supported the Constitution.
The right to a fair trial with a lawyer is ________________
due process of law.
What did President George Washington choose Thomas Jefferson to do?
To establish ties with leading war power.
In order to limit the authority of Congress, what was required for a law to be passed under the Articles of Confederation?
9 out of 13 states had to agree.
Making the national government strong without taking away the powers of the states was an accomplishment of what?
Constitutional Convention
Which group of people wanted to ratify the Constitution?
Which amendment protects freedom of religion, speech, and the press?
First Amendment
What did the first President of the United States create to help him do the work of the executive branch?
What were the first two political parties in the United States?
Democrat/Republic and Federalist
Who did the members of the Democratic-Republican party support?
Thomas Jefferson
What is the purpose of the Legislative Branch?
to make laws
What is the purpose of the Executive Branch?
to carry out laws
What is the purpose of the Judicial Branch?
to decide whether laws are working fairly.
List five responsibilities of citizenship
a.) serve on a jury b.) pay taxes c.) vote in elections d.) obey the laws e.) defending the country
List two powers that belong to the national government:
a.) print coin money b.) make army
A government in which people elect representatives to run the country is called a _____________.
Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress had the authority to do what?
print money
What was a result of the Annapolis Convention of 1786?
to call the Constitutional Convention
In a federal system of government, power and authority are shared by
State & National Government
How many senators does each state have?
2 senators
The _______ branch of government is responsible for carrying out the nation's laws.
What system keeps one branch of government from gaining more power than the other two branches?
system of checks and balances.
What does the First Amendment protect?
religious freedom
All people have what according to the Ninth Amendment?
basic human rights
What does an attorney general do?
President's legal advisor
What did Shay's Rebellion show people?
The weakness of government under Articles of Confederation.
Who has the authority to veto a bill?
Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote what?
Which amendment protects basic human rights?
Ninth Amendment
Whose goal was it to create a strong national government?
Alexander Hamilton
Describe the transfer of the presidency of George Washington to the presidency of John Adams. What was positive about it?
John Adams lived in the White House. People voted peacefully.
Which amendment protects people's homes from unreasonable government searches?
Fourth Amendment
The two houses that are part of the Legislative Branch are:
Senate and House of Representatives
Who is the leader of the Executive Branch?
Who/what is the leading body of the Judicial Branch?
Supreme Court
List two powers that belong to the state:
laws about marriage and divorce, regulate voting, set up local government, control trade within state, set up public schools,
List two powers that are shared by both the states and national government:
a.) conduct trade b.) borrow money