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Constitutional Powers of Presidency.
Power to Veto
The "Take Care" Clause
Commander in Chief
Presedential Pardons
Treaty Making Authority
Nominations and Appointments
Bases and Limits of Power of Presidence.
Constitution -article2-
Acts of Congress
Court Decisions
Power to Veto
Can veto bills passed by Congress.
Must Veto All or None.
The "Take Care Claus"
The Pres. shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.
Commander in Chief Powers
Power over Army and Navy
-War Powers Resolution
First 4 Steps for Impeachment of Presidency.
1. Simple Majority
2. If approved, Formally Impeached.
3. Venue Changes, House of Rep to Senate.
4. Senate becomes Courtroom
Last 3 Steps for Impeachment of Presidency.
5. Senators become jury.
6. Trial ends, 2/3 Senate vote needed.
7. If guilty, removed from office.
Acts of Congress
Powers given to Pres. by congress.
-Make agreements without approval
-Public Policy
3 Different Roles of Congress
types of committees
Standing Committees
Select Comittees
Joint Committees