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All proteins contain what?
proteins are made of?
amino acids
There are how many amino acids?
20, 9 are essential.
what is the problem with 70% of our protein coming from animal protein?
these can be high sources of saturated fat.
the protein code is in what part of a cell?
DNA contains what in the nucleus for all proteins?
coded instructions
digestion of protein starts in what organ?
the cooking of proteins causes what?
The RDA for protein is?
46g women
56 g men


no meat, diary or fish.

- includes milk, milk products
- milks, cheese, eggs
what is the main concern for vegetarians in general nutrition wise?
B12, D, iron, zinc, calcium, riboflavin.
what are the 3 type of lipids?
- phospholipids
-sterols (cholesterol)
saturated fatty acids are in what form?
solid ie. butter
unsaturated fatty acids are in what form?
liquid form ie. oil
saturated fat contributes to?
heart disease
the essential fatty acids are ?
omega 3 fatty acids
omega 6 fatty acids
the primary site of fat digestion begins in what body organ?
small intestine
carrying fat through the blood stream is done by what?
omega 6 is found in what?
vegetable oils
ALA, DHA, and EPA are what?
omega 3's
what is the RDA (%) of total kcal from fat?
a chemical bond formed between amino acids in a protein is?
peptide bond
excess protein causes what ?
overburn the kidneys excrete nitrogen

kidney stones
a major form of lipid in the body and in food. composed of three fatty acids bonded to glycerol.
a three-carbon atom used to form triglycerides
a lipoprotein that carries dietary fat to bloodstream is?
a form of an unsaturated fatty acid, has two double bond on opposite sides.
trans fatty acid
Functions of cholesterol
fat digestion
form hormones
carries lipids made and taken up by liver to cells
carries cholesterol made by the liver to cells
contributes to cholesterol removal from cells
increases shelf life, changes texture and causes formation of trans fatty acids
what is the best source for Vitamin A?
beta carotene
what does Vitamin A deficiency cause?
night blindless
what is the function of vitamin D? where can you get Vitamin D from?
- regulating blood calcium,

from sun
what does Vitamin D deficiency cause?
Vitamin K is needed for what?
blood clotting
what do all Vitamin B's do?
participate in energy metabolism. release of energy from macro-nutrients
what does folate help do?
form DNA
what is the RDA for folate?
400 micrograms for adults
600 micrograms for women
vitamin C deficiency causes?
what is the difference between fat soluble and water soluble vitamins?
fat soluble is stored in the liver, fat cells. Water soluble are lost from the body except B-12.
what are some food sources for Vitamin A?
dark green, yellow-orange veggies
food sources for Vitamin D?
salmon, nonfat milk, cooked egg yolk.
food sources for Vitamin K?
green leafy veggie
diseases :
-beriberi, pellagra, scurvy?
thiamin, niacin, vitamin c
what is adaptive thermogenesis?
involuntary physical activity
energy used to digest food, absorb, and metabolize food nutrients is known as
thermic effect of food (TEF)
minimum energy expected to keep a resting, awake body alive is known as
basal metabolism
BMI body mass index is
the ratio fo wt (kg) / ht ^2 (M)
BMI cut off?
under 18.5<
healthy 18.5-
over 25 -
obese 30, severely obese 40>