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What kind of collagen in cartilage?
type II
Name the dz: macrocephaly, FGF-3 mutation, thinned growth plate but unaffected secondary centers of ossificaiton and articular cartilage?
hamartoma of skeleton, defect in Ring of Ranvier--> protuberance
phases of fracture healing?
1)inflammatory phase (hemorrhage, neovascularization, callus form'n), 2)reparative phase 3) remodeling phase
single most common form of joint disease
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
X-linked deficiency of HPRT--> mentally retarded and get gout
4 stages of gout
1) asymptomatic hyperuricemia 2) acute gouty arthritis 3) intercritical period 4) tophaceoous gout
destructive vertebral lesion + extension of disease along psoas muscle, think--?
tubercular osteomyelitis
Most likely reason for non-obese male to get boobies?
micronodular cirrhosis (chronic EtOHism), impairs hepatic estrogen metabolism
most common cause of spinal cord dysfuncion in >65 y/o?
Classical clinical findings of cervical myelopathy?
loss of dexterity/coordination, impaired balance/gait
cauda equina syndrome
Emergency!! Get severe leg pain, saddle anesthesia, altered bladder function from a massive herniated disc/spondylolithis
red flags for back pain
progressive unrelenting pain, worse at night/rest, constitutional symptoms
What nerve root and disc involved in middle finger sensation and wrist flexion?
C7, C6-7disck
What nerve root/disc involved in anterior tibialis movement and medial leg sensation?
What nerve root/disc involved in lateral foot sensation?
What nerve root/disc involed in lateral arm sensation?
Classic triad of Sjogren's?
dry eyes, dry mouth, arthritis
Most frequently involved visceral organ in SSc?
Leading cause of morbidity and mortality in SSc?
lung involvement (pulmonary fibrosis--diffuse; pulmonary HTN--limited)
"watermelon stomach" seen in?
most deadly complication of SSc?
renal involvement--scleroderma renal crisis
What is scleroderma renal crisis?
most deadly complication of SSc; malignant HTN w/HA and retinopathy, acute cardiac failure, MI, stroke, oliguria with rapidly progressive renal insufficiency
"salt and pepper" skin seen ?
3 characteristic features responsible for clinicopatho manifestations of SSc?
1)excessive collagen dep in skin and viscera 2) vascular lesions of capillaries and sm arteries 3) alterations of humoral and cellular immunity
lab findings diffuse (D) vs limited (L) SSc?
D--speckled/nucleolar IF, scl-70/anti-topoisomerase +; L--centromere IF, anti-centromere/anti-kinetochore +
Arthritis in SSc?
symmetric polyarthralgia in early SSc but true arthritis and synovitis are rare
isolated reduction in DLCO in SSc means?
pulmonary HTN (probably limited SSc)
Cardiac manifestations in SSc?
clinically significant primary dysfunction rare but tachyarrythmias and conduction disturbances common
meralgia paresthetica
intermittent burning pain, numbness of anterolateral thigh; lateral femoral cutaneous nerve compression
meralgia paresthetica commonly seen in what populations?
diabetics, preggers, obesers
Name the dz and tx: trigger points that give rise to characteristic referred pain?
dz: regional myofascial pain; tx: capsaicin
Name the dz and tx: widespread pain and fatigue and 11/18 tender points
dz: fibromyalgia; tx: TCA, gabapentin, education
5 diagnostic critera of Giant Cell arteritis
1) >50y/o 2) new HA 3) temporal artery abnl 4) elevated ESR (>50) 5) abnl artery bx with mononuclear cell infiltrate, granulomatous inflammaiton, giant cells
6 diagnostic criteria of Takayasu arteritis
1) <40 y/o 2) claudicaiton of extremities 3) dec'd brachial artery pulse 4) BP difference >10mmHg b/t arms 5) bruit over subclavian/aorta 6) arteriogram abnl
What arteritis has patchy distribution and propensity for mesenteric aneurysm formation?
polyarteritis nodosa
"strawberry tongue" seen in what arteritis?
Kawasaki dz (a necrotizing vasculitis)
types of mixed cryoglobulinemia
1) monoclonal Igs (MM, Waldenstrom's) 2) essential mixed (polyclonal IgG and monoclonal RF) 3) mixed polyclonal
hep C most frequently associated with what type mixed cryoglobulinemia?
essential mixed
Henoch-Schonlein purpura clinical tetrad:
1) purpura 2) arthritis 3) ab pain 4) glomerulonephritis
Diagnostic criteria for Wegener's
1) nasal or oral inflamm 2) abnl CXR 3) urinary sediment 4) granulomatous inflamm on bx
Jo-1 Ab assoc'd with?
11 diagnostic criteria for SLE
1. Malar rash 2. Discoid rash 3. Photosensitivity 4. Oral/nasoph. Ulcers 5. Arthritis 6. Serositis 7. Renal d/o 8. Neuro 9. Hematologic 10 immunologic 11. ANA
major cause of death in SLE?
increased atherosclerotic HD
mucocutaneous manifestations of SLE?
mucosal ulcers (usually painless), malar rash (sparing of nasolabial folds), alopecia, palpable purpura
who gets SLE?
young black women (mostly)