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Overview of Expel Wind-Damp herbs
Help Bi pain >> painful obstruction
- Xing bi – wind
- Tong bi – cold
- Zhuo bi – damp
- Re bi – hot
Dispels wind-damp from muscles, sinews, joints, bones
Tonify SP, LV (tendons), KD (bones)
Analgesic effect
Promote circulation
Which herbs are used to dispel Wind Cold Damp?
Du Huo
Wei Ling Xian (softens fish bones)
Qian Nian Jian
Wu Jia Pi
Mu Gua
Hu Gu
Song Jie
Which herbs are used to dispel Wind Heat Damp?
Xi Xian Cao
Luo Shi Teng
Fang Ji (Hai Fang Ji & Guang Fang Ji)
Which herbs are used to treat pain in the UPPER body?
Qiang Huo
Sang Zhi
Which herbs are used to treat pain in the LOWER body?
Du Huo
Mu Gua
Can Sha
Herbs used for pain in either UPPER, LOWER, or WHOLE body?
Wei Ling Xian
Luo Shi Teng
Hai Feng Teng
Herbs used for elderly and/or weak patients w/chronic history?
Wu Jia Pi (developmental delays in children)
Qian Nian Jian
Xi Xian Cao
Du Huo
Sang Ji Sheng (also calms fetus)
Herbs used for either Acute or Chronic Wind Damp?
Du Huo
Qin Jiao
Herbs used to treat hypertension?
Xi Xian Cao
Sang Ji Sheng
Herbs used to treat Edema?
Wu Jia Pi
Sang Zhi
Fang Ji
Herbs used to treat Cramping & Spasm of Calf?
Mu Gua
Can Sha
Herbs used for Wind Stroke, and Skin Problems?
Bai Hua She (warm, toxic)
Wu Shao She (neutral)
She Tui (neutral)
General properties of Dissolve Hot-Phlegm herbs?
- all cold – slightly cold >> cold >> very cold
- Treat phlegm-heat & dry-phlegm
- Expectorant, anti-inflammatory & sedative properties
- All affect LU channel – most ST too
- Phlegm = pathological accumulation of thick fluid in the respiratory & digestive tracts, as well as muscles & other tissues
Herbs used to treat mastitis?
Quan Gua Lou
Gua Lou Ren
Chuan Bei Mu
Zhe Bei Mu (better)
Herbs used for Stroke & Convulsion?
Tian Zhu Huang
Zhu Li
Meng Shi
Herbs Incompatible with Wu Tou?
Chuan & Zhe Bei Mu
Quan & Gua Lou Pi & Ren
Compare & contrast Chuan & Zhe Bei Mu
Chuan Bei Mu – slighty cold & sweet – moisten lung for treating deficient condition, i.e.; dry/chronic cough.
Zhe Bei Mu – cold & bitter – excessive condition as in external wind heat and cough due to heat & phlegm congestion, and goiter.
Name the Gua Lou’s and their distinctions.
Quan Gua Luo – the whole fruit – inhibits cancer cell growth – good for chest bi pain
Gua Luo Pi - peel
Gua Lou Ren – seeds – also moistens intestines
Compare and contrast the Gua Lou's.
All sweet, cold
All quench lung heat & expel phlegm
Promote circulation of Qi in chest
Loosens bowels to relieve constipation
The Zhu’s - compare & contrast.
Zhu Ru – good for treating vomiting due to ST heat.
Zhu Li – good for treating wind stroke due to phlegm obstruction.
Tian Zhu Huang – good for clearing HT, stopping convulsions.
Actions of Qian Hu?
Redirects the Qi downward for coughing, wheezing with phlegm heat and wind-heat patterns
Actions of Tian Hua Feng?
Clears heat
Generates fluids
Expels pus
Good for LU heat cough & diabetes
Contraindicated during pregnancy
Which herbs Soften Hardness & Dissipate Nodules for Scrofula?
Fu Hai Shi – also phlegm heat
Hai Ge Ke – also phlegm heat & acid reflux
Ze Qi
Hai Zao
Kun Bu
Huang Yao Zi – cool blood, stop bleeding, reduce toxicity, snakebite, and cancer.
Compare & contrast Men Shi & Pang Da Hai.
Men Shi – cough due to stubborn phlegm congestion
Pang Da Hai – sore throat, hoarseness due to phlegm heat
Which herbs are used to treat goiter?
Hai Zao
Kun Bu
Huang Yao Zi