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As a result of World War I, many Americans sought_____.
A high war debt owed by Germany from WWI left Europe politcailly unstable and economically _______.
After the Civil War, most of the money that was used to bring industry to the South came from _______.
Northern capitalists
Improvements in living conditions in the late 19th century were achieved by _____.
labor unions
When the New Deal faced opposition, FDR laid out plans for the ________
Second New Deal
The New Deal included: (1) workers in federal programs; (2) people working in enviornmental projects; and (3) farmers being paid to grow _____ crops.
Cape Cod is located in _____.
The invasion of ________ by Germany actually started WWII on Sept. 1, 1939
The Korean War ended in
The international peackekeeping organization we have today is _______.
The United Nations
A major reason people settled the Great Plains was the _____.
Homestead Act
Following the surrender of Spain to end the Spanish-American War, the U.S. received _______, ______, and _____________.
Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Phillippeans
The writer who documented much of the 1920's and labeled them the "Jazz Age" was _____.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
The idea that could be said to be a major factor in the cost of automobiles becoming more affordable was _________ being used more effectively.
assembly lines
Powered flight is credited to _________
Wilbur and Orville Wright