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John Dryden
An essay of dramatic poetry
Aphra Beh
on her loving two equally
jonathan swift
a modest proposal
Alexander pope
samuel pepys
the diary of samuel pepys
daniel defoe
a journal of the plaugu year
Thomas Gray
Elegy written in a country churchyard
samuel johnson 1
a dictionary of the english languge
samuel johnson2
letter to lord chesterfield
james boswell
the life of samuel johnson
mary wollstonecraft
a vicidatin ofthe rights of womn
William Wordsworth –
William Wordsworth –
William Wordsworth –
William Wordsworth
Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey
My Heart Leaps Up
It is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free
The World is Too Much with Us
samuel taylor coleridge 1
kubla khan
samuel taylor coleridge
the rhyme of the ancient mariner
George gordon lord byron
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
Georfe gordon lord byron 2
she walks in beuty
percy bysshe shelly 1
percy bysshe shelly 2
ode to the west wind
percy bysshe sheclly3
to a skylark
john keats1
la belle le dam sans merci
john keats 2
when I have fears that I migt cease to be
john keats3
to autymn
alfred lord tennyson 1
In memorium AHH
alfread lord tennyson 2
Elizabeth browning
sonnet 43
robert browning
my last duchass
robert browning
porphyia's lover
mattew arnold
dover beah
thomas hardy1
the darkling thrush
thomas hardy 2
the man he killed
thomas hardy 3
/ah, are you diging on my grave
gereld manly hopkins
pied beuty
gerald manly hopkins
spring and fall to a young child
AE housman
to an athlete dying young
A.E houseman
When i was young and twenty
george bernard shaw
rupert brooke
The solider
wilfred owen
Dulce et Decorum est
siegfried sasson
william butler yeats1
the lake at innisfree
william butler yeats 2
when you are old
william butler yeats3
saling to byzantium
D.H lawence
the rocking horse winner
ts eliot 1
ts eliot 2
the hollow man