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Bill Of Rights
-created in late 1600s
-legal statement of human rights
-guarenteed English liberty
First Ten amendments to the constitution
- late 1700s
- US Congress
lack of enough income or resources to satisfy minimum needs
Human Rights
-Fair Wages with gender equity
-No Child Labor
-Healthy Working Conditions
-Respect Cultural Identity
- REcognize Trade Unions
Fair Wages and Gender Equity
workers are paid at least the country's minimum wage; whenever feasible they are paid living wage
No Child Labor
incompatible with Fair Trade
Healthy Working Conditions
clean and safe conditions that sustain physical, psychological, and emotional well-being
Respect Cultural Identity
artisans encouraged to develop products based on cultural traditions adapted for western markets
Recognize Trade Unions
ownership is vested in others, workers producing for fair trade must have the right to free trade unions
Human Development Index (HDI)
3 Variables:
-GDP per capita
-life expectancy at birth
-adult literacy
Highest Human Dev. in Europe
Highest Human Dev. in Oceania
Highest Human Dev. in Americas
Highest Human Dev. in Asia
Highest Human Dev. in Middle East
Medium Human Dev. in Europe
Medium Human Dev. in Americas
Medium Human Dev. in Asia
Low Human Development in Asia
Low Human Development in Middle East
Low Human Development in Africa
Low Human Development in Americas
Men get paid
about 20% more than women for doing the same jobs
Women can help firms overcome business-leader scandals because
women score better on integrity and are more ethical leaders
Lynn Turknett
-Women go out into the field more than men
- They also tend to give more feedback both positive and negative
Labor Union
and association of wokers for the purpose of bargaining on behalf of workers with employers about the terms of employment
Trade Associations are to management what
labor unions are to workers
Trade Associations
- have responded to social activists
- provide opportunities for their members to reflect their activism
American Apparel and Footwear Association
-initiated the organization of WRAP
(Worldwide REsponsible Apparel Production)
-provides AAFA members with a means of preventing labor exploitation by their production contractors