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Who was Sam Adams?
political activist
head of the Sons of Liberty
Who was Paul Revere?
political activist
accomplished horseman who carried messages to the colonist
warned of the invasion by sea of British coming to Lexington and Concord
Who was Patrick Henry?
Political Activist
great speech against British
famous quote
Who was Lafayette?
famous French general
assisted George Washington in fighting for the colonies freedom
Who was Rochambeau?
French General
Who was Ben Franklin?
worked in candleshop as boy
very active in gov
persuaded french to help in Rev. War
started first library
Who was John Adams?
political activist
advisor on Declaration of Independence
2nd president of the USA
Who was John Paul Jones?
rough character
American Naval Captain fought valently against the British
Who was George Washington?
young surveyor
Grew up Ferrie Farm then Monticello
fought in F & I War
comander of Colonial Militia
first president of USA under constitution
Who was John Hancock?
political activist
wealthy merchant
1st signer of Declaration of Independence
Who was Thomas Jefferson?
political activist
author of the Declaration of Independence
3rd president of the USA
Who was Von Steuben?
German who assisted in training of colonial militia at Valley Forge
Who was Cornwallis?
famous British General, won several battles but lost at Yorktown-wouldn't
surrender personally
Who were the Hessins?
German troops hired by the British to fight against us in the Rev War
Who was Benjamin Baneker?
blackman of free parents
first to make clock entirely in America
mathematician and scientist
published an almanac
later fought again slavery
Who was Phyllis Wheatly?
young black girl who wrote poetry that was published, even George Washington liked her poems
What and where is Independence Hall?
place where Declaration of Independence was signed
in Philadelphia
Who was Nathan Hale?
young spy-gave life
famous quote
Who was Benedict Arnold?
liked fine things-got in debt
hero turned trader on America
Who was Chrispus Attucks?
first black man to die (Boston Massacre)
Who was Daniel Boone?
surveyor with George Washington
led people into Kentucky,Missouri