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The "father" of taxonomy and the originator of binomial nomenclature
Carolus Linnaeus
Although Darwin is usually given credit, this person developed the theory of natural selection independently.
Alfred Wallace
Developed the theory of inheritance of acquired traits
Jean Baptiste Lamarck
Developed the science of paleontology, but adhered to catastrophism
Georges Cuvier
A botanist and one of the developers of the neo-Darwinian synthesis
G. Ledyard Stebbins
A geologist who eveloped the concept of uniformitarianism and greatly influenced Darwin through his book Principles of Geology
Charles Lyell
A geneticist, who studied fruit flies, and was one of the shapers of the neo-Darwinian synthesis
Theodosius Dobzhansky
A clergyman whose essay on population growth greatly influenced Darwin
Thomas Malthus
A geologist who developed the theory of gradualism
James Hutton
A taxonomist that contributed to the Neo-Darwinian synthesis
Ernst Mayr
A paleontologist that contributed to the Neo-Darwinin synthesis
George Gaylord Simpson