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what are the 6 major groups of nutrients?
carbs, protien, water, minerals, fat, vitamens
which 3 groups of nuitrients give us calories?
protien, fat, carbs
sugar belongs to which group of nuitrients?
a calorie is a measurment of what in food?
the body must have enought carbs and fat for energy or the body will use _______ for energy instead of for its main job of building and repairing body cells
shortening and stick margarine cotain what type of fat?
what type of fat raises the amount of cholesteral in the bloodstream and are linked to heart disease?
trans fat
health experts advise people to eat _____ fat
the healtheist type of fat is ______?
nutrients are _______ found in food
what is essentail in making hemoglobin?
what are some foods that are good sorces or fiber?
anything cruchy,stringy, or comes from plants ex. apple, celery, carrot
nutrition is the study of _____ and how it _______ the body
chemical, nurishes
what provides bulk in our diets that helps with digestion?
how many grams per calorie does protien have?
what are the 2 vitamens that need to be replaced daily in our diet? they are water soluble
b and c
how many calories does water have?
is blood made up from 50% water? (yes or no)
what are goos sorces of calcium?
milk, tofu, leafy green vegges., and soy milk
what are three nutrients found in an apple?
carbs, minerals, and vitamens
what are 3 foods a vegan would eat to get compleate protien?
whole grains, lentils, and nuts
what are 3 foods high in trans fat?
baked goods(cake pastries) deeped fried(french fries) and some margirine
what are 3 different nutrients found in whole grain foods?
protien, vitamens, and minerals
how many teaspoons are in a tablspoon?
3 (3 teaspoons=1 tablespoon)
what activates yeast in the soft pretzel recipe?
WARM water
what is the measurment of one stick of butter in cups?
i stick of butter=1/2 a cup
what are two items that could be used to put out a grease fire?
salt and baking soda
what is the utensil used to level off dry ingredints?
metal spatula
what are 3 different leavening agents used in baked goods?
yeast, baking powder, baking soda
what two ingredients get firmly packed into dry measuring cups?
brown sugar and crisco
your sisters son would be your?
your brothers daughter would be your?
your aunts and uncles child would be your?
people who live in bostan live in an_______ area?
people theat live in bedford live in a ________ area?
what are 3 basic human needs that families provide?
nurture,gidance and support, and love and affection
how many minerals are there
what are the 3 types of carbs
sugar starch and fiber
what are the two types of protien
complete and incomplete
what food source does incomplete protien come from
what food source does complete protien come from
whole grain products are made using all three parts of the ______
what are the three parts of the kernal?
endosperm,bran, and germ
how many times a day should teens, and those who want to maintain a healthy weight? (how many minutes)
60 min
to lose weight adults should exersie for how many minutes?
90 min(1 and a half)
to reduce your risk of chronic disease you should exersise for how many min.?
30 min
whats a chronic disease?
a non curable disease
what does fiber help prevent?
what do americans eat/drink to much of?
do bananas lower or increase blood presure?
what type of wine is better for you?(red or white)why?
red wine because it has antioxidents
when is gatorade best used?
after a game
what are the 3 electrolytes?
potassium, sodium, and clorite
what are the 2 electrolytes that are lost due to sweat?
potassium and sodium
what are some examples of antioxidides?
blue berries, wine and dark chocolate,
what are the major groups of nutrients?
water, carbs, protien,fat vitamens, minerals
what are the three types of fat?
unsaturated,sturated, and trans
where does unsaturated fat come from?(plant or animal)is it a solid or liquid at room temp.?
where does saturated fat come from(plant or animal)is it a solid or a liquid at room temp.?
animal, solid
where does trans. fat come from?(plant or animal)is it a solid or a liquid at room temp.?
what are the 6 vitamens?
what do vitamens help u do?
they help u useenergy
carbs have____calories per/gram
fats have____calories per/gram
what is the healthest fat
what is the least heathy fat
what is the fat that comes from an animal
what does vitamen A do?what should u eat?
eyesight,(orrange veggies)
what does vitamen B do?what should u eat?
use energy,whole grains and milk
what does vitamen C do?what should u eat?
fight infection,citrus food and juices
what does vitamen D do?what should u eat?
helps your bones,milk and sunlight
what does vitamen E do?what should u eat?
blood clotting,leafygreen veggies
what are the two types of minerals?
major and trace