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Holding a political office seen as a burden, not a reward
Disloyalty of citizens, lack of patriotism, corruption
Civil war and unrest
Contrast between rich & poor was growing
Moving of the capital to Byzantium following the split of the Empire.
Decline in interest in public affairs
Poor harvests due to overworked soil and wars ravaging farmland.
Disruption of trade

No more war plunder
Inflation-a drastic drop in the value of money combined with a rise in prices
government crushes people with high taxes to pay for military defenses and luxury.
Germanic invaders from northern Europe who were pushed out by the Huns
Low funds for defense
Recuited mercenaries (non-roman citizens who were paid to be soldiers) were not loyal to Rome
Loss of loyalty from soldiers who give loyalty to their commanders, not rome.
Decline in trade
(hostile tribes, pirates)
Use of slave labor discouraged imrovements in technology.