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Exterior door not closed, cabin altitude is higher than 10,000’
Rev Unlock
Thrust reverser is unlocked on the ground or in the air
Hot Bat
: Battery internal temperature is more than 150 degrees
T/O Config
Slats not extended, flaps > 22 degrees, trim incorrect, autopilot engaged, air brakes out or parking brake is on. Opps!
Bat 1 bat 2
batteries are not connected to the main bus
Auto Slat
Auto extension switch failure or prox switch failed to go to the FLT mode
AC1 AC2:
Inverter is off or inverter failure
Flap Asym
Flaps deflection asymmetry
Mach TR
Mach trim has failed
APU Bleed
Bleed valves have failed to close or APU bleed has failed to close with an advancing power lever
Autopilot has failed
Cmptr 1, cmptr2, cmptr3
The computer is off or has failed
Cond’g ovht
Conditioned air in the distribution air duct has overheated
Air Data
Internal failure of the air data computer
Fuel1, fuel2, fuel3
Boost pump is off, failed pump, fuel valve shut or out of fuel in that tank.
AP Trim:
Trim coupler circuit has failed
L Pitot, R Pitot
Switch is off or heating circuit has failed
Failure of Arthur Q unit or engine # 2 Pt2 has iced up
Bus Tied:
Bus tie switch is in the tied position
Mis trim
Horizontal stabilizer does not move when commanded to do so
Problem in fuel venting/valves closing or door open
LO Fuel
: feeder tank fuel < 250 # for 15 seconds
Gen1, gen2, gen3
Generator is not connected to the main bus
Ail Zero
Emergency aileron actuator is not set to zero
Bleed Ovht
Bleed air duct has overheated. When you turn bleed air switch off if that duct is the one that was overheating the light will flash until overheat condition is over
Oil 1, oil2, oil3:
Oil pressure less that 25 psi or chip has been detected