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What is the first part of our Mass on Sunday?
The Liturgy of the Word.
What is the second main part of our mass on Sunday?
Liturgy of the Eucharist.
During the Liturgy of the Eucharist the ____________ and __________ will become the Body and Blood of Christ.
Bread and Wine.
The bread and wine are called the _____________.
During the Liturgy of the Eucharist the priest will hold up the gift of bread and the gift of wine and say_______.
A special Prayer
What do we thank God for at Mass?
All the gifts he has given to us.
What do we say after the priest says the special prayer over the bread and wine?
Blessed be God Forever.
Why do we say "blessed by God forever" when the priest lifts the gifts?
We are blessing God.Our blessings are a gift we give back to God.
What gifts are we thanking God for at mass?
The many wonderful things he has given to us - especially his love for us.
What does the word Eucharist mean?
To give thanks.
Why do we pray the Eucharistic Prayer?
To help us remember and do what Jesus did and said at the Last Supper.
What is the Eucharistic Prayer?
The prayer of thanksgiving we pray at Mass.
What gift did Jesus give to us at the Last Supper?
The gif of his Body and Blood.
During the Eucharistic Prayer we believe the bread and wine have become __________ and __________ of Jesus.
Body and Blood.
We receive the Body and Blood of Christ in ______________________.
Holy Communion.
Who leads us in praying the Eucharistic Prayer?
The priest.
What do we call the people of our parish who help the priest give us Holy Communion?
Eucharistic Ministers
Holy Communion gives us strength to live as_____________________________.
Followers of Christ.
What is the last part of mass called?
The Concluding Rite.