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When was Fairfax incorporated?
What month is the Fairfax Festival held?
What's the chief's name?
Ken Hughes. Graduate of SFD H.S., worked his way up throughout the FPD, until he was installed as chief in 1998.
How many dispatchers are there?
4 regular, 2 reserve
How many officers are there?
5, plus 1 reserve
Officers have a ______ work schedule.
What is the department's main focus?
Problem solving and community involvement.
What programs grew from the communities needs?
DARE, bike & foot patrol, and the parking enforcement program.
What are MDTs?
Mobile Data Terminals in the patrol cars.
- You can access info, view calls for service, submit reports, send text messages, and more.
What is the Fairfax Open Space Committee?
They buy properties in and around Fairfax for open space and habitat, and to work with interested agencies and organizations to restore and preserve watershed, habitat, and species.
What is the mission of the police department?
• To Build a Stronger, Better Relationship With the Community We Serve, and
• Create a Safer Community By Enforcement of State and Local Statutes Fairly, Impartially, and Consistently Tempered With Friendliness, Courtesy and Understanding.
Who was the first policeman and first chief of the FPD?
Andy Peri. He served from 1925-1959.
Remember the quote from Sgt. Morin.
"The problems I think are important may not be what the community thinks is important". - Sgt. Morin
Do you have any questions for us?
I noticed Cpl. O'Callaghan is the mental health and domestic violence liason officer. What exactly does that entail?
Do you have any more questions for us?
Are there any more special assignments such as Officer Tuscher's Crime Prevention position?
What happened with the mayor duing the last town meeting?
Mayor Susan Brandborg switched places with V. Mayor Larry Bragman. Brandborg was given a plaque for her recent services, especially during the storm.
What was another fact about the meeting regarding Code 3 runs?
94% of code 3 runs in town is advanced life support services (ALS). When an EMT is aboard an engine, it becomes an ALS unit.
What about the response time for medical aid?
The issue was debated to reduce the time by the Ross Valley F.D. from 7.5 minutes to 5.5 minutes.
What about the debate about building a new home?
The town doesn't like change and the impact of new homes. They value the tranquility.
What did a COM student propose to the counsil?
A "Good" festival.
Name the two Sergeants.
Morin and Torres.
Can you name the officers?
Tuscher, Nicholas, Lyssand, Rodriguez, Roberson, Sutherland.