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The world is divided into how many time zones?
24 time zones. Each time zone is given a letter. I and O are not used.
What is Zulu time?
Zulu is used for the letter Z. The Greenwich, England time zone is known as zulu time. (GMT).
Ring around the Rosey dates from the time of the bubonic plague. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. The plague often caused red discolorations on the body, that person was often called a rosey.
What does Ring around the rosy mean?
To hold hands and form a ring around the rosey to keep the sick person from leaving the village.
The plague began in what year?
1346, and killed 25 million people. It lasted for almost 300 years.
Kumquat means golden orange. TRUE/FALSE
Apache is a Zuni indian word that means "enemy". TRUE/FALSE
Who actually made the the first functional typewriter.
Pelligrino Turri in 1808.
Over 80% of all domestic sheep are Australian Merinos. TRUE/FALSE
Who was the only survivor of Custers last stand?
A horse, named Comanche.
Custer was 37 yrs old when he died.
What does ZIP stand for?
Zone improvement plan
Is Beeswax different from other types of wax?
Beeswax molecules are small as compared to paraffin molecules. Beeswax has a higher melting point, burns longer, more cleanly and give off more light.
How much honey do honey bees consume to make 1 pound of wax?
7 pounds of honey.
What was the name of the RCA dog.
Nipper. Was part bull terrier and fox terrier.
What substances are used to seed clouds?
Dry ice(CO2). Silver or lead iodide is also used.
Dry ice stored in an airtight container will explode. TRUE/FALSE
Is there a difference between a brown egg and a white egg?
No. Only the breed of chicken it comes from.
Rhode Island reds lay brown eggs. White leghorns, lay whit eggs.
The average hen lays an egg 275 days out of the year. TRUE/FALSE
Most muslims are sunnites, while a small minority are Sh'ites. TRUE/FALSE
Islam means submission to God.
How did the days of the week form their English names?
Saturday(saturns day
Sunday(Sun's day
Monday(moon day)
Tuesday(Tiu, god of war)
Wednesday(Wodins day, the supreme diety
Thursday(Thor, god of thunder)
Friday(Frigg, wife of Woden
Hexe is old German for witch. TRUE/FALSE
What is the temperature of the sun?
It can be as high as 15 million degrees. The coolest part is about 10,000 degrees
How does a firefly glow?
It has a rare chemical called luciferin and the enzyme, luciferase in its abdomen. These interact with O2 to produce the glow.
Hippopotamus means river horse from the greek. TRUE/FALSE
tropical storms or cyclones rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, due to the Coriolis effect. TRUE/FALSE
If you count the chirps of a tree crickett for 15 seconds and then add 37, it will be almost exactly the true temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. TRUE/FALSE