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Espresso is coffee brewed by forcing steam through finely ground darkly roasted coffee beans. TRUE/FALSE
A single coffee tree produces about a pound of coffee beans per year.
Where is the worlds coffee grown?
Within a thousand miles of the equator.
What are coffee cherries?
They are red and are a delicious fruit that cannot be sold because it spoils quickly after picking. It is the only fruit that is discarded whilr the seed(coffee bean) is used.
Can capsaicin found in hot chili peppers be addictive?
Sometimes. To counteract the pain, the brain releases morphinelike endorphins that create a mild euphoria.
What is recommended to alleviate the burning of capsaicin?
Sour cream or yogurt, because the casein in these products breaks down the bond between the capsaicin and the pain receptors in the mouth.
What are the quantitative scoville units of some hot and mild peppers?
Is capsaicin an anticoagulant?
A hot pepper has 3.5 times as much vitamin C as an orange. TRUE/FALSE
What is apple cider?
Fermented apple juice.
What is Applejack?
Hard cider can be distilled to produce an alcoholic beverage called applejack.
Where is pectin found?
This substance that is used in jellies, jams and marmalades is found primarily in the peels of citrus fruits.
Where is the lowest point on land?
It is the shoreline of the Dead Sea in Israel, which is 1310 feet below sea level.
The air around this area is believed to have the highest natural form of O2.
What is the salt content of the Dead Sea?
It is about 39%. The content of the worlds oceans is about 3%.
A summer day in the North pole can have up to____ hours of daylight, but a winter day may hace only______hours of dalight.
What are Inuits?
Native american alaskans.
What does Denali mean?
The Great One. It refers to Mt. Mckinley.