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One cubic foot of gold weighs about....
1,000 lbs
Pure gold is too soft to be used for jewelry. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. It is usually alloyed with copper, silver, nickel.
How is gold weighted?
In karats.
24 k= 100% gold
18 k= 75%
14 k= 58,5%
10 k= 41.6%.
In the US, jewelry must be atleast 10 karats to be called gold.
What does petroleum mean?
liquid rock
How is crude oil; refined?
It is first heated and the vapors are transferred to a fractionating tower that breaks down the crude oil into different parts. The lightest vapors rise to the top.
How is gasoline produced with respect to these vapors that are fractionated?
When the lightest vapors from the tower are condensed, gasoline is produced.
medium weight vapors produce kerosene, diesel fuel and heating oil.
The sludge at the bottom is used for asphalt.
How did pizza originate?
In honor of the English queens to naples, a tavern owner created a pizza with ingredients that represented the red , white and green colors of the Italian flag, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil.
Where does lager beer originate?
From the german, lagern, which mwans to store, or storehouse.
What is Pilsner beer?
It is a light lager beer with a strong flavor of hops. It originated in Pilsen, a city in the Czech republic.
All beers are defined as either lager or ale. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. Whether a beer is an ale or a lager depends on the yeast used.
Lager ferments more slowly and at colder temperatures than ale. because the yeast settles to the bottom it is called a bottom fermented beer.
Ale ferments rapidly and is top fermented.
Ale tends to have a higher alcohol content and is heartier and darker than lager. TRUE/FALSE
How is malt liquor different from lager and ale?
Malt liquor is a beer that has too high an alcohol content by law to be labeled lager or ale.
In America, 90% of all malt beverages produced are lager beer. TRUE/FALSE