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A dolphin typically surfaces to breath about every_______.
two minutes.
When we breath we exchange about 17% of the air in our lungs. The dolphin exchanges about 80%.
The monarche butterfly, migrates over thousands of miles rather than hibernate. TRUE/FALSE
How can a cat squeeze through an opening no larger than the size of its head?
It has no collarbone.
A typical cat spends about one third of its life grooming itself.
Dogs are known to produce about 10 different vocal sounds. A cat can produce almost_______ different sounds.
almost a 100 different sounds.
Are elephants afraid of mice?
Not likely. They have poor eyesight and probably cannot see them.
Elephants eat between _________ pounds of vegetation a day.
They can weigh between 5,000-14,000lbs.
An elephants trunk has over______ muscles.
App. 35,000 muscles. It can pick up a coin with its trunk.
Their brains are 4X the size of human brains.
Why cant Turkeys fly?
They have been bred to have a large amount of breast meat, which makes them too heavy.
Wild turkeys can fly at speeds of 55mph for short distances. They can run up to 25mph.
Only male turkeys gobble, female turkeys make a clicking sound. TRUE/FALSE
The South African blesbok, a type of antelope is a grape juice color. TRUE/FALSE
Pinto horses fall into two categories. What are they?
Tobiano- predominantly white with other colored patches.
Overo- Dark color, black with white patches.
Palomino is a color. It is not a breed.
Hair pompoms wee left on the joints of poodles to keep it warm, and swim better. TRUE/FALSE
How old can Sturgeons live for?
For more than 50 years.
The largest sunfish caught tipped the scales at 3100 lbs.
The smallest fish is the goby.
Are seahorses monogamous?
Yes. They stay with their partner for life. Every morning they perform a greeting dance to reaffirm their pledge to each other.
The male becomes pregnant.
It can live for up to 3 years.