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Capital of North Dakota?
Nickname of North Dakota?
Sioux State
North Dakota has the worlds' highest what? What is it? How tall is it?
Structure, Television Transmission Tower. 2,063 ft.
The U.S. is the world's top what? How much of it do they eat?
Meat-eating. 216 pounds
Capital of Ohio?
Nickname of Ohio?
Buckeye State
First pro baseball team?
Cincinnati Red Stockings (REDS)
Where is the football hall of fame?
Canton, Ohio
Fastest Fish? How fast?
Sailfish, 68mph
Second fastest fish?
Capital of Oklahoma?
Oklahoma City
Nickname of Oklahoma?
Sooner State
What does Oklahoma produce most of?
Oklahoma is home to how many nations of indians?
What is the most expensive wool? Where in the world does it come from?
Cashmere, North India, Tibet
Capital of Oregon?
Nickname of Oregon?
Beaver State
Longest river in the world? How long is it
Nile River, 4145 Miles
2nd longest river?
Capital of Pennsylvania?
Nickname of Pennsylvania?
Keystone State
Pennsylvania has the largest what? Where is it located?
Chocolate Factory, Hershey, PA.
The Little Leauge World Series is held where?
Williamsport, PA.
Pennsylvania was founded by who?
William Penn.
Capital of Rhode Island?
Nickname of Rhode Island?
Ocean State
What is the smallest state in the union?
Rhode Island
Who are the worlds greatest travelers?
Arctic Tearns
Where do the greatest travelers fly from? How many miles?
Arctic to the Antarctic, 25,000
Capital of South Carolina?
Nickname of South Carolina?
Palmetto State
Where were most of the Revolutionary War battles fought? How many?
South Carolina, 137
Where is the statue of liberty?
New York Harbor
The statue of liberty was built by?
Gustave Eiffel
When was the statue of liberty finished?
Capital of South Dakota?
Nickname of South Dakota?
Coyote State
Largest sculptures in the world? How tall are they?
Presidents on Mnt Rushmore, 60 feet
First president to fly in an airplane?
Theodore Roosenvelt
First president to have been a boyscout?
John F. Kennedy
Only president to have resigned the office of president?
Richard Nixon
Capital of Tennessee?
Nickname of Tennessee?
Volunteer State
Where is the center of country music?
Nashville, TN
What two U.S. presidents have come from Tennessee?
Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson