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Johnson 91
babies and face tracking
Morton & Johnston 91
Conspec and conlearn
carey 92
kids use rational and less config b4 age 10
Yin 64
face vs house; stick men; aeroplane silhouette face learnt best and show greatest inversion fx
farmer and cows
Brewster 1826
hollow face illusion
Tanaka & Farah
Larry's nose
learn scrambled= whole face advantage
inverted = no face advantage
nose only = harder than in face
Thompson 1980
Thatcher illusion
Bartlett & Searcy 1993
Thatcherising configural change not seen inverted face
Young Hellawell & Ellis 87
Chimeric faces
Leder & Bruce 2000
Featural/ Configural and upright/ inverted test for learned faces
inversion only fx config change noticing
Diamond & Carey 86
Dogs and faces and dog experts
Lewis 2001
rotate thatcherised face and test time to decide thatch. or not
rational/ config split