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cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitum
to desire
pareo, -ere, parui, paritum
to obey
maturō (1)
to hasten, hurry
quaerō, quaerere, quaesivī, quaesitum
to ask
subeō, subīre, subiī, subitum
to undergo, endure, submit to
consumō, -ere, consumpsī, consumptum
to spend
stō, stāre, stetī, stātum
to stand
sustineō, -ēre, sustinuī, sustentum
to hold up or bear up, withstand
tradō, tradere, tradidī, traditum
to relate, report
decidō, decidere, decidī, ---
13. petō, -ere, petivī, petitum – to seek
to fall down
miror, mirārī, miratus sum
to admire, marvel at
doceō, docēre, docuī, doctum
to explain, teach
petō, -ere, petivī, petitum
to seek
quiēs, quietis
(f.) – rest, repose
orbis terrārum
(f.) – circle of the lands, earth, world