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thyroid diverticulum is connected to tongue by _____; normally disappears but may persist as ____ of thyroid
thyroglossal duct; pyramidal lobe
normal remnant of thyroglossal duct
foramen cecum
most common ectopic thyroid tissue site
*** Cleft lip - failure of fusion of ______
maxillary process and medial nasal processes (formation of 1^ palate)
*** Cleft palate - failure of fusion of ____
lateral palatine processes, nasal septum, and median palatine process (formation of 2^ palate)
Diaphragm derived from:
(Several Parts build Diaphragm):
Septum transversum
Pleuroperitoneal folds
Body wall
Dorsal mesentery of esophagus
innervation of diaphragm
name for when abdominal contents herniate into the thorax due to incomplete development
hiatal hernia
pancreas is derived from
ventral pancreatic bud becomes (3)
pancreatic head, uncinate process, main pancreatic duct
dorsal pancreatic bud becomes (4)
body, tail, isthmus, accessory pancreatic duct
spleen arises from
dorsal mesentery
describe annular pancreas
when ventral and dorsal buds abnormally encircle duodenum
Mesonephric (wolffian) duct becomes
Seminal vesicles
Ejaculatory duct
Ductus deferens
Paramesonephric (mullerian) duct becomes
Fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina
MIS secreted by ___ inhibits ____ in males
testes; mullerian ducts
Inc ___ causes development of mesonephric ducts
genital tubercle
glans penis (M)
glans clitoris (F)
Urogenital folds
penile urethra (M)
labia minora (F)
Labioscrotal swelling
Scrotum (M)
Labia majora (F)
Urogenital sinus (3)
1) Corpus spongiosum, vestibular bulbs
2) Bulbourethral glands, greater vestibular glands
3) prostate gland, urethral and paraurethral glands