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acetaminophen antidote
salicylates antidote
alkalinize urine (also good for cystinuria), dialysis
AChEi / organophosphates antidote
atropine (restore CV) + 2-PAM/pralidoxime (restore AChE)
Antimuscarinic / anticholinergic agents antidote
physostigmine (AChEi)
beta-blockers antidote
glucagon (inotropic, non-beta mechanisms)
digitalis antidote
stop dig, normalize K+, lidocaine, anti-dig Fab fragments (Digibind), Mg2+ (blocks NMDA receptors)
antidote for iron
antidote for lead
CaEDTA, dimercaprol (heavy metal poisoning including Wilson's), succimer, penicillamine (also used for Cu)
antidote for arsenic, mercury, gold
dimercaprol, succimer
antidote for copper, arsenic, gold
Big 3 Chelators
penicillamine, dimercaprol, succimer
antidote for cyanide
amylnitrites (increase methemoglobin), followed by thiosulfate to excrete methemoglobin-CN; can also use hydroxocobalamin
antidote for methemoglobin
metylene blue
antidote for CO
100% O2, hyperbaric O2
antidote for Methanol, ethylene glycol
EtOH, dialysis, fomepizole
antidote for opioids
naltrexone, naloxone
antidote for benzodiazepines
antidote for TCAs
NaHCO3 (nonspecific)
antidote for Heparin
Protamine sulfate
antidote for Warfarin
FFP, Vitamin K
antidote for tPA, streptokinase
Aminocaproic acid