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When running the engine restart checklist, where do you start
#1 1. Preparation phase page A-8 Tab 5 (left page). #2 Then select either procedure A or B based on N2 speed.
With the pressurization controller in the "DN" position (full left, on green index), where it is normally parked, if the automatic cabin pressurization controller has an electrical failure, this position commands a cabin altitude rate of descent of ____fpm.
1000 fpm
Landing light limitations on ground.
15 min on. 45 min off.
Outflow valve fail safe position.
A spring in the control chamber determines a fail-safe CLOSED position for the poppet.
Max allowed cabin pressure if you dump is...
The maximum altitude control valve will limit the cabin altitude to 14,500' if the dump switch is used.
If the AUTO SLATS annunciator illuminates, what three malfunctions may be occuring. hint: SV PS ADCSS
1. stall vanes 2. the "on ground/in flight prox switches 3. air data computer 265kt speed switches. note: Keep speed blo 270 because the outboard slats are no longer protected from unwanted extension.
With an automatic cabin electrical load shed, which bus is shed? How much load is shed? When will it automatically load shed.
"A" you will see a load shed on the left ammeter when checking GEN1 and GEN3. 80 amps is a typical load shed. Load shed occurs in the event of the loss of any one generators output.
If either 1<->2 or 2<->3 X-feed valves are opened, and group 2 booster switch is in NORM, how many boost pumps are operating in group 2?
2 The ST-BY will oprerate automatically in conjunction with the NORM pump.
Start interlocks? (general)
Batteries on, Bus tied,
Boost pump on, Breakers in, Cuttoff power levers,
Computers on, Gens on, aircraft is on the
If you lose all power to the aircraft, will you get #1 braking?
Yes. The valve in the brake system closes open, unlike most valves, which fail closed.
"FUELING" annunciator any 8 conditions. (1 vent, 1 valve, 1 vent valve control, 2 doors 2 switches, 1 bus)
1. fuel vent open
2. fueling valve open
3. vent valve cntrl lvr raised
4. fuel door open
5. fuel control panl door open
6. gravity fueling switch on
7. defueling switch on
8. bus B-2 failed
How many Arthur Q's in F900?
Aileron has- Arthur Q
Elevator has-Arthur
Rudder has- none
What does "N2 30% before 6" refer to?
On a cold start...
When N2 reaches 30%, look at the ITT. If the ITT is near 600 deg, you may be in for a hot start.
Common bus failure for a checkride may be the B-2. Go to tab _____. Makes for a landing with no (3 items).
tab B2(blue 2)for B-2 failure.
no flaps (still can get slats)
no nose wheel steering.
no thrust reverse.
If the top EFIS tube is on, and the bottom EFIS tube is off, is this an indication of a bad signal generator?
No. The S.G. works both the top and bottom tubes. If the S.G. went bad, both tubes would be out. note: If only one tube went out, to get all info on the working tube, turn tube brightness reostat to off.