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Who has control over the armed forces and can send them into military action without declaring war?
Commander in Chief
Who can declare an emergency and call out the Reserves?
Commander in Chief
Who is responsible for all the President's functions involving the DoD including powers, duties, and authorities?
Secretary of Defense
Who is the President's principle assistant in DoD matters?
Secretary of Defense
Who is responsible for the policies and control of the DON including its organization, administration, functioning and efficiency?
Secretary of the Navy
Who is responsible to organize, prepare, equip, train and maintain the readiness of the Navy and Marine ops?
Secretary of the Navy
Who is responsible for determining the current and future requirements of the Navy for manpower, materials, facilities, and services?
Chief of Naval Operations
Who is charged with the number of units for a fleet?
Eastern Fleet Commander in Charge
Who provides training and equipment for the number of units for a fleet?
Eastern Fleet Commander in Charge
When was the Battle of Midway?
4-7 June 1942
What was the importance of the Battle of Midway?
It was the turning point of WWII in the Pacific
Who is the Commander in Chief?
President Barack H. Obama
Who is the Secretary of Defense?
Robert Gates
Who is the Secretary of the Navy?
The Honorable Ray Mabus
Who is the Chief of Naval Operations?
Admiral Gary Roughhead
Who is the Fleet Commander in Charge?
ADM Grenert
Who assists the Commander/Commanding Officerin all matters concerning welfare, health, job satisfaction, morale, utilization, and training of Enlisted personnel in order to promote traditional standards of good order and discipline?
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
Who is the MCPON?
Rick West
Who keeps the Commander/Commanding Officer aware of existing or potential situations as well as procedures and practiceswhich affect the mission, readiness, welfare, and morale of Sailors in the Command?
Fleet Master Chief
Who is the Fleet Master Chief?
Tom Howard
Who is the Force Master Chief?
Anthony Santino
The Force Master Chief shares the same responsibilities as who?
Fleet Master Chief
Who is the Command Master Chief for NAVELSG?
Who is the enlisted advisor to the command on the formulation and implementation of policies pertinent to morale, welfare, job satisfaction, discipline, utilization, and training of all enlisted personnel?
Command Master Chief
What is a detailed statement of a course of action to be followed to accomplish a FUTURE mission?
What is a formal statement issued by the senior commander to subordinate commanders that outlines the coordinates execution of FUTURE operation (puts it into action)?
What are brief statementsof the situation so patrol members will know what friendly and enemy units are doing?
Warning Orders
What is charged with the absolute responsibilty for the safety, well being, and efficiency of his/her command?
Commanding Officer
Who is the CO?
CMDR Stiglitz
Who is the XO?
LCDR Williams
Who is a direct representative of the CO?
Executive Officer
All orders issued by who will have the same force and effect as though issued by the CO?
Executive Officer
What are the responsibilties of the Command Master Chief?
Senior enlisted advisor to the command on the formulation and implementation of policies pertinent to morale, welfare, job satisfaction, discipline, utilization, and training of all enlisted personnel.
What is a permanent historial record at the Bureau of Navy Personnel for active duty members?
What is the Enlisted Distribution Verification Report?
It is a statement of manning of assigned personnel.
How long is a routine message?
6 Hours
How long is a Priority message?
3 Hours
How long is an Immediate message?
30 minutes
How long is a Flash Message?
ASAP= 10 minutes
How long is a Yankee message?
Flash pre-emption capability
What are the disadvantages of sending messages through email?
Email is informal, not secure and is untraceable.
What does a Page 60(2) consist of?
Members dependent information, next of kin contact information, location of will, and permanent address.
What does a Page 60(4) consist of?
Member's awards, training, classes, formal schools, PQS's
What are page 13s used for?
To record member's good and/or bad miscellaneous entries.
What is an Operation Report?
Is used by any unit to provide the national command authority and appropriate naval commanders with immediate notification of any accidental or unauthorized incidents that may likely be covered by local or national press
What are Logistical Requirements?
A report given to a friendly foreign port 48 hours before arrival and includes estimated time of arrival in ZULU time, tug assistance request, ship size and other measurements, and a list of all other ship information
What does SORTS stand for?
Status of resources and Training System
What is the principal report within the US Navy for use by designates, Navy, Military Sealift Command, and US Coast Guard units to provide identification and general status data to the National Command Authorities?
What is a SITREP?
A report given about any given incident and is reported to higher authority.
Who are classified as Non-combatants?
Civilians, Medical, and Chaplains
What led to the formation of the US Navy?
The British held superiority at sea from which they threatened to stop up the colonies' trade and to wreak destruction on seaside settlements.
How did George Washington respond to the British which led to the formation of the US Navy?
In response George Washington with the approval of the continental congress purchased and outfitted 2 frigates
What qualities characterize the Navy/Marine Corps team as it instruments to support national policies?
Readiness, flexibility, self sustainablilty, and mobilty are the qualities that characterize.
What role did RADM Ben Moreell play in the creation of the Seabees?
He determined the need to activate, organized, and man Navy Construction Battalions in response to civillian laborers inability to resist military attack.
What is the importance of 5 Mar 1942 as it pertains to the Seabees?
This date was the first date official permission was given to use the name "Seabee".
What is the significance of the Battle of Coral Sea?
It was the first real challenge since Pearl Harbor. The battle was entirely fought by aircraft launched from carriers whom never saw each other.
During which battle was the USS Lexington tragically struck by Japanese airplanes and sent to the bottom?
The Battle of Coral Sea
When was the invasion of Normandy?
6 June 1944
What is the significance of the Invasion of Normandy?
It was the largest amphibious landing to date.
What was the turning point of the war in the Pacific?
The Battle of Midway
What led to the beginning of the end of the Rising Sun Empire?
During the Battle of Midway, our fleet fed the Japanese false information through a known cracked code and ambushed them severely depleting their stock of pilots and trainers for future aviators
Who observes and reports to the XO the effectiveness of admin policies, procedures. and regulations of the command?
N-1 Admin Assistance Officer
Who is responsible for the proper performance of the functions of his/her department which include the conduct of surface and air search?
N-3 Operations Officer
Who is responsible for obtaining needed supplies?
N-4 Supply Officer
Who is responsible for receipt, transmission, and internal distribution of all visual and electronic messages?
N-6 Communications Officer
Who heads Navy Expeditionary and Combat Command (NECC)?
RADM Tilloston
Who is responsible for control of manning, training, equipping, and organizing forces that will execute Force Protection, (NCW), shore based logistic support (NAVELSG) construction missions (Seabees) across the joint operation spectrum?
Head of NECC
What is Naval Coastal Warfare (NCW) used for?
Is used for harbor approach defense, port security.
Where are NCWs executed?
They are executed with in coastal areas outside the US in support of national policy and within the US as part of national defense
What are Embarked Security Teams (EST)
Eleven 12-person teams provide protection to MSC ships such as maritime prepositioning ships, fast combat support ships, and bulk fuel carriers, and their civilian crew as they ferry food, equipment and other supplies destined for troops.
What identifies specific items of info which if revealed that is transmitted to and correlated with other info would
degrade unit disclosing ?
Essential Elements of Friendly Information
The ability and opportunity to obtain knowledge of classified information
What are the dimensions of a ISO Standard 20?
What is a Configured 20?
An ISO 20 with built in cabinets
What is a Flatrack?
8'x8'x20' open sides and top
Often used for lumber, pipe and drilling equipment
What is Half Height?
Open top that can be covered with a tarp. Often used for material in barrels (POL) or bags (sand, concrete) ends can be opened
What is B in BAMCIS?
Begin Planning- Estimate the situation, analyze the mission. Take into consideration location of enemy, weather and terrain
What is A in BAMCIS?
Arrange for recon- Consider which route to take
What is M in BAMCIS?
Make recon- Select men, weapons and equipment
What is C in BAMCIS?
Complete Plan
What is I in BAMCIS?
Issue order to subordinate leaders. Carry out 5 paragraph order (SMEAC)
What is S in BAMCIS?
Supervise-be sure that plan is adhered to. listen inspect and observe
Whats is S in SMEAC?
Situation-Enemy Forces
Friendly Forces
What is M in SMEAC?
Mission-Contains statement os mission; purpose of command. Includes the what, how, where, why
What is E in SMEAC?
Execution-Assigns definite tasks to each element-organic attached that contribute to overall mission success
What is A in SMEAC?
Admin and Logistics-
Contains instruction
5 Bs
Beans-where is food located, amount left, bullets-amount of ammo, ammo issued and reissued, bandaides-location of medical personnel bad guys- location of enemy-size, activity, equipment batteries- comms
What is C is in SMEAC?
Command and Control-contains instructions about Chain of Command, command relations, the ops communications, call signs, radio frequencies, passwords
What is the range for High Power (HI)?
5-10 Kilometers
What is a SIXCON?
6 1/2'x 8'x4'
used to transport fuel and water.
six connected are ISO Standard 20 equivalent
Different types are : Fuel tanks; water tanks; fuel pumps; water pumps
Required for the formation of policy and military plans at national and international levels
Strategic Intelligence
What is the distance for Medium Power (MO)?
400 Meters- 5KM
What is the distance for Low Power (LO)?
What are the five steps of the Intelligence cycle?
Planning and Directing
Is required for planning and conducting tactical operations at the component or unit level
Tactical Intelligence
Is required for planning operations within regional theaters or areas of operations
Operational Intelligence
Nature and purpose is to convert information into useful information to be used to plan future missions
Naval Intelligence
Enables the Naval commander to understand the situation in his battlespace, select a course od action, issue, intent and orders, monitor the execution of operations and evaluate the results.
Command and Control
Primary tool used to cope with the disorder and uncertainty of warfare
Command and Control
As both a process and a system, this provides insight into the nature of the military problem facing us.
Command and control
Is tasked with providing strategic, common user sealift transportation service to US Forces ato deploy, employ, sustain and redeploy those forces on a global basis
Mission of Military Sealift Command
Reflects the priorities and requirements of the joint force. Included with it are basing access, logistic support available and defenses required
Time Phase Force Deployment Data
Who is the CNO
ADM Roughead
What are the two types of radio frequencies?
AM-Amplitude modulated
FM-frequency modulated
Tactical Intra theater aircraft that provides airdrop and air land support to forward operating locations
Planning ACL- 25000lbs
Max cargo dimensions- 115"wx105"h
can hold six 463l pallets pos
Max pax 90 over land 74 over water
What is the distance for Power amplitude (PA)?
10KM-40KM Vehicle only
Who is the VP?
Joseph Biden
When was the EOD established?
June 1941
What was the original name for EOD?
Mine Recovery School
Why are arm and hand signals used?
Used to transmit commands or information when voice communication is difficult or impossible or when silence muct be maintained
A security violation which has resulted in confirmed or suspected exposure of classified information or material to an unauthorized person
Who is the Commander of NECC?
ADM Tilloston
Intra theater aircraft used to move outsized cargo such as large helicopters, tanks, and communications vans
Capable of deploying and operating equipment with radar-sonar surveillance center (RSSC) van systems
What is a TRICON?
6 1/2'x8'x8'
fits on a 463l pallet
Three Tricons connected together are same size are one ISO Standard 20
Who is the secretary of defense?
Robert Gates
Security measure taken to prevent single person access to COMSEC keying material and cryptographic maintenance manuals
TPI Two Person Integrity
What fighting position provides the best protection against tanks?
Improved One Man fighting position
A determination made by an authority holder of classified information that a prospective recipient requires access to specific classified info in order to perform or assist in the performance of a lawful and authorized government function essential to the fulfillment of an official US Government Program
Need To Know
Used to document hazardous cargo and can provide handling instructions
Purpose of Shippers Declararion of dangerous goods
Includes MAGTF & Navy elements, the Navy Support Element and NCW units with selected equipment into an arrival and assembly area to join with equipment and supplies carried aboard maritime prepositioning ships. MUST BE MOBILE AND FLEXIBLE
MPF Operation
Globemaster III
Delivers outsized items of cargo to small austere airfields at or near the battle area by aerial or airland methods
ACL 90,000lbs
Max cargo dimension 196"wx143"h
eighteen 463l pallet pos in logistics restraint rail system
eleven 463l pallet pos in aerial delivery rail system
Max 102 pax
minimum runway 3000ft
Can Carry up to 203,000lbs of fuel or move cargo and passengers
Designed for air refueling and inter theater strategic airlift missions
Max range for MK19
2200 Meters
Max effective range for MK19
1600 Meters
Round size for MK19
What are the types of grenades?
High explosive, dummy round, high explosive dual purpose, training
What is the Max range for the M2HB?
6800 Meters
What is the Max effective range for the M2HB?
1880 Meters
What is the grazing fire range for the M2HB?
1000 Meters
What size round does the M2HB use?
.50 caliber
What is the Max Range for the M16?
3600 Meters
What is the Max effective range for the M16?
550 Meters
What is the point range for the M16?
800 Meters
What size round does a M16 take?
What is the max range for the M60?
3725 Meters
What is the Max effective range for the M60?
1100 Meters
What is the grazing fire range for M60?
600 Meters
What size round does the M60 take?
What are the 6 types of rounds used by M224?
1.White Phosphorus (WP) 2.High Eplosive (HE) 3.Illuminating, 4.Infrared Illuminating(IR) 5.Dummy, 6.Training Practice (TP)
What is MOPP Level III?
Don mask with canister and secure all vehicles
What is MOPP Level IV?
Don Gloves
What does JSLIST stand for?
Joint Services Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
What does MOPP stand for?
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
Define MOPP
MOPP is a management tool, which coordinates individuals and collective protection activities and shipboard systems into effective countermeasures against threats from Chemical or Biological warfare environment to enhance the survivability of the crew
What are the four MOPP Threat Levels?
1. Suspected
2. Possible
3. Probable
4. Imminent
What is electromagnetic pulse?
an intense field that builds up to maximum strength within fractions of a second after a nuclear explosion damaging unprotected electrical and electronic equipment by inducing strong electric currents into the circuitry
Describe a Radiological marking sign
White triangular sign with ATOM written in black marking
Describe a Biological marking sign
Blue triangular sign with BIO written in red marking
Describe a Chemical marking sign
Yellow triangular sign with GAS written in red marking
What is a NAAK and what does it contain?
Nerve agent antidote kit. Contains 3 Atropine and 3 2pam Chloride injectors
What are the four ways that CBR agents can enter the body?
Absorptions, Inhalation, ingestion, injection
Who ensures the safety, security, and environmental protection of CONUS ports?
Marine Safety Officer (MSO)
Who is put in charge as the Marine Safety Officer?
USCG Captain
What chemical mask is used to protect against airborne chemicals?
The outermost defense zone, which typically does not have any boundaries. This is where Points of Interests (POI) are identified.
Assessment Zone
The zone in which initial contact is made with POIs
Warning Zone
The innermost layer of defenseand is where deadly force is authorized to be used against a POI heading for a HVA
Threat Zone
What is the best security boat defense?
Multiple Boats is the best defense
What is the worst security boat defense?
Single boat defense is the worst since the single boat will need to remain static and as close to the HVA as possible and only engage approaching targets that are deemed potential threats
What are selection of waterway routes based on?
Selection of waterway routes is based on Hydrography, enemy capabilities, capabilities to support primary and alternate plans, and terrain/bank characteristics
How is a base site selected?
Selection of base site should be within an area which can be defended by all available forces and provide mooring for shipsand craft. Be within operational and comm. range of deployed element
How are landing area/sites selected?
Selection of landing area/site is area where troops and supplies can be landed by watercraft
Mississippi Rivers, its tributaries, South Pass, and Southwest Pass, to the navigational demarcation lines dividing the high seas from harbors, rivers, and other inland waters of the US
Western Rivers
Great Lakes and their connecting and tributary waters, the Chicago River as far as the east side of the Ashland Avenue Bridge and the Saint Lawrence River
Great Lakes
What are the eight steps in the cycle of the operation of a weapon?
1.Feeding 2. Chambering 3.Locking 4. Firing 5. Unlocking 6. Extracting 7. Ejecting 8. Cocking
What does COSAL stand for?
Consolidated Shipboard Allowance List
What does COSBAL stand for?
Consolidated ShoreBased Allowance List
What is the purpose of the COSAL/COSBAL?
COSAL lists the items required to support equipment and mission
What specifies all equipment to be onboard your ship?
What is the purpose of the Material Oblication Validation MOV?
Must validate outstanding requisitions monthly
Department Head receives a list of outstanding requisitions
What is OPTAR?
Operating Target
Minimum amount of funds for equipment that a command needs to suuport its mission or
What are the two components of an OPTAR?
EMRM-Equipment Maintenance Related Material-repair parts
Other Funds-consumables
What is CHRIMP?
Consolidated Hazardous Reutilization Management Program
What is DRMO?
Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
What is MTIS?
Material Turned In to Store-Excess Material turned in to supply, TYCOM gets returned credit for these items
Property with unit cost of $100,000 or more; useful life over 2 years
Plant Property
Unit cost between $2500 and $100,000. Command required to establish internal controls to manage
Minor Property
Allowance Change Request
NAVSUP Form 1220-2
Requisition Form for NSN items
NAVSUP Form 1250-1
What is the deadly force continuum?
1.Officer Presence 2.Verbal Commands 3. Soft Controls 4. Hard Controls 5. Intermediate weapons 6. Deadly Force
What are the three factors that must be present to use deadly force?
Capability, Opportunity, Intent
Describe the M9 Pistol.
Single or Double action, short recoil-operated, semiautomatic, magazine fed, self loading handgun with fixed sights and ambidextrous saftey lever
How many rounds does a M9 hold?
15 rounds
What type of ammo does a M9 use?
9mm Ball NATO
What is the Max range for the M9?
How much does the M9 weigh?
Approximately 2.1lbs
What is the Max effective range of the M9?
50 Meters
What are the three major components of the M9?
Receiver assembly, slide and barrel assembly and magazine assembly
What is the cyclic rate of the M60?
What is the rapid rate of the M60?
What is the sustained rate of fire for the M60
What type of ammo is used for the M60?
7.62mm ball tracer, armor piercing, incendiary, dummy
Describe the M60 Machine Gun
Air cooled, belt fed, gas operated automatic weapon
What are the five major components of the M60 Machine gun?
Stock assembly, buffer assembly, bolt and operating rod assembly, receiver assembly, and barrel assembly
What are the characteristics of the M16?
Magazine fed, Gas operated, air cooled, shoulder weapon, Semi or fully automatic fire. Selectable lever and adjustable sights
How many rounds does a M16 magazine hold?
30 5.56NATO rounds
What is the sustained rate of fire for the M16?
12-15 RPM
what is the cyclic rate of fire for the M16?
What are the four major components of the M16?
Upper receiver assembly, lower receiver assembly, bolt and bolt carrier assembly and magazine assembly
What is the weight of the M16?
9lbs loaded and 8.35lbs unloaded
What type of cargo can the 4K rough terrain forklift not handle?
463L palletized cargo
What are the standard forklift lifting capabilities and lifting heights?
Can lift 2000-15000lbs and can lift to heights of 100-210 inches
What is the maximum distance a forklife can should carry a load?
No more than 400 feet
What are the dimensions of a stevedore pallet?
What are the dimensions of a general purpose pallet?
What are sled pallets?
heavy timbered platform runners used to band together supplies and equipment
What are the dimensions of a warehouse pallet?
What are the primary radio sets utilized by expeditionary forces?
AN/PRC-119, AN/PRC-117, AN/PRC-150,XTS-5000
What are the responsibilities of Navy Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit?
NMDSU conduct harbor clearance operations in rivers, harbors and coastal areas
What are the responsibilities of First Naval Construction Divisions (Seabees)?
Seabees deploy aaround the world in support of construction for US Forces and humanitarian services
What is the purpose of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
EOD disarms and renders safe any explosive devices, conventional or improvised explosives
What are Prowords?
Prowords are pronounceable words or phrases that have been assigned meaning to expedite message handling on R/T circuits.
What are Special signals and their purpose?
Special Signals cover all the special methods and devices used to tranmit commands or information
What are some factors that may affect the capabilities of radio communications?
All radio communications depend on location, sighting, weather, noise level, among other factors at the receiving end
Which radios are capable of COMSEC?
PRC-117, PRC-119 PRC-150 XTS-5000
Which radio is capable of transmitting data messages?
PRC 150
What type of water does a galley void ie grey, black or potable?
Galleys void grey water
What type of water does a latrine void i.e. grey, black, potable?
Latrines void black water
In a field setting, what is the minimum parts per million free available chlorine that water must be chlorinated to?
Water in the field must be chlorinated to at least 2.0 PPM FAC
Describe the Super chlorination process
Water is chlorinated to 100PPM for four hours
What is the minimum distance latrines should be from natural water sources?
100 yards
What does the Fighting load-carrying 782 gear consist of?
Fighting load-carrying gear consist of -pistol belt; pack combat medium; suspenders; two ammo pouches; canteen cover, canteen, canteen cup; first aide packet; entreching tool and cover
What does the Bivouac 782 gear consist of?
Bivouac 782 gear consist of-Poncho, shelter half with one tent pole and five tent pins and guy line; mess kit with knife, fork, and spoon
What does Protective 782 Gear consist of?
Protective 782 Gear consist of-Kevlar helmet; Bayonet or K-Bar; comouflage cover; hat and mosquito net
What are advantages of the improved two man fighting position?
The close proximity in the hole gives each man the feeling of more security and it allows ne man to rest while the other man is observing.
What should you do in the event you are caught in the light of a overhead flare?
When caught in the open by with a overhead flare immediately hit the deck since the burst of light is temporarily blinding to the enemy.
What should you do in the event you are caught in the light of a ground flare?
If you are caught in the light of a ground flare you should move out of the area of light as quickly and quietly as possible.
What are the two options to hold a compass?
Center hold method and Compass to cheek method
When are SALUTE reports used?
SALUTE reports are used when the observation activities of the enemy do not pose a threat to the company
What are SPOT reports?
SPOT reports are a rapid way to inform the chain of command vital information.
What is the purpose of security patrols?
Security patrols are concerned with defensive combat and your emphasis should be on security patrolling and not aggressive patrolling
What is the purpose of Reconnaissance patrolling?
Reconnaissance patrolling is for gaining information about the enemy and terrain only. They should only engage in combat if it becomes necessary to do so to accomplish their mission
What was the average age of seabees when community was first established?
The average age of the first seabees was 32
What are the ways Chemical weapons can deliver their agents?
Burst Spray Thermal
What are the types of chemical agents?
nerve, blister, blood, choking, tearing, vomitting
What does the M40 Chemical mask not protect against?
The M40 does not protect against carbon monoxide or ammonia
What type of contamination does the JLIST not protect aainst?
Radiological contamination
What type of protective equipment provides complete protection against alpha/beta radiological contamination when worn with battle dress and anti-flash gear?
Wet weather clothing
What is the purpose of the pocket dosimeter?
The pocket dosimeter measures exposure to radiation over a period of time
What are the signs and symptoms of nerve agent exposure?
Runny nose, tightness in chest with difficulty breathing, constricted pupils, nausea, cramps, headache coma and or convulsions
The following represent what type of chemical agent-G,GV,V,VX?
Nerve agents
The following represent what type of chemical agent-Hydrogen, Cyanide Chloride?
Blood Agents
The following represent what type of chemical agent-Phosgene, Mustard, Lewisite?
Blister Agents
What is the minimum spacing that should be between Latrines and potable water should be what amount of feet?
50 Feet
What is the minimum spacing that should be between Latrines and Food Service?
300 Feet
What is the minimum spacing that should be be between Latrines and natural water sources?
300 Feet
What type of work order in camp maintenance is work service that is immediate action or any minor work that requires less than 16 man hours?
What type of work order in camp maintenance is work service request for jobs that exceed 16 man hours?
What type of work order in camp maintenance are for all work that is repetitive in nature?
Standing Job Orders
What is Organic CESE?
CESE equipment that is in the TOA and is paid for out of the unit's OPTAR
What is Augment CESE?
Special mobile and construction equipment not in the TOA but which are on site to supplement allowance equipment and/or to satisfy special equipment requirements
How many containers does as Amsea class ship hold?
How many containers does a Water man class shp hold?
How many containers does a MAERSK class ship hold?
What are the three types of vehicle convoys?
Closed, open and infiltration
What are the advantages of a closed vehicle convoy?
Full traffic capacity of road can be used, control is better
What is the disadvantage of a closed vehicle convoy?
Quick dispersion is difficult . Column is easily detected
What is the advantage of a open vehicle convoy?
Less chance of enemy observation or attack
What are the disadvantage of a open vehicle convoy?
Control is difficult Drivers can get lost
Which vehicle convoy provides the maximum security and deception advantages?
What are the disdvantages of an Infiltration vehicle convoy?
More time is required to complete the move
What type of burn hurts the most?
2nd degree burn. In a 3rd degree burn the skin and nerve endings are charred.
Who heads the Safety Council?
the Executive Officer heads the Safety Council
What is the purpose of a mishap investigation?
The purpose of a mishap investigation is to indentify causes and preventive actions as well as establishing accurate record keeping. Determines how and why the mishap occured and prevents future occurences.
Who is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?
ADM Mike Mullen
What is ALSS?
Advance Logistic Support Site
What is FLS?
Foward Logistic Site
How are heat cramps identified?
Heat cramps are associated with excessive sweating, cramps and muscle spasms
How are heat cramps treated?
Heat cramp victims should be moved to a cool place, drink lots of water and gently massage muscles.
How can a patient suffering from heat exhaustion be identified?
Heat exhaution victims have gray skin that is cold, moist, clammy, normal or subnormal temperature, pupils may be enlarged and victim may experience weakness headache, loss of appetite and nausea
How is a heat exhaustion victim treated?
Treat heat exhaustion victims by moving them to a cool area, lose extra clothing and apply wet, cool clothe to head and armpits.
Of the heat casualty conditions, which is the most serious?
Heat stroke is the most serious of the heat casualty conditions
How does a heat stroke victim and a heat exhaustion victim differ?
The heat stroke victim's body stops producing sweat which causes it to overheat. Whereas a heat exhaustion victim's body still produces sweat to cool itself.
What are the signs and symptoms of heat stroke?
Heat stroke is charaterized by headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, very dry and hot skin, constrict pupils and and fast strong pulse.
What is significant about a heat stroke injury?
Heat stroke injury is a true life or death emergency.
What are the different ways to control bleeding?
The ways to control bleeding are direct pressure, elevation, indirect pressure, tourniquet as a last resort.
How many pressure points are there in the body?
There are 22 pressure points in the body.
What are the pressure points of the body?
The pressure points of the body are-facial artery, Sub-Clavin Artery, Brachial Artery, Radial & Ulnar Arteries, Iliac Artery, Anterior & Posterior Tibial Arteries, Superficial Temporal, Femoral Artery, Popliteal Artery
What is the first aide treatment for a person with a suspected spinal injury?
When a person has a suspected spinal injury, do not move the person, hold head/ neck in straight alignment until medical personnel arrive.
What is important to consider when a person has an impaled object in the eye?
When a person has an impaled object in the eye, DO NOT remove the object from the eye and be sure to cover the none injured eye.
What does the AN in AN/PRC radios stand for?
What does PRC in AN/PRC radios stand for?
Portable Radio Communication
In a tentcamp, where would back generators be placed?
Medical, Field Mess, COC, ACOC
What are the four types or cargo hooks?
Chicago Safety, Seattle, Liverpool, New York
How would you deter a diver approaching your HVA?
Use a MK 32 Concussion grenade full active sonar if available.
Does M9 Tape tell you the presence or type of agent present?
The M9 Tape tells you that the agent is present but not the type of agent.
Does M8 Paper tell you the presence of an agent or the type?
M8 paper tells you the type of agent present.
What are three types of patrols?
Reconsaissance, Security, Combat