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What are the two heads of the trapezius muscle and where do they take their origin?
pars cervicalis - C3-T1-2
pars thoracis - T3-9
Where does the trapezius insert?
spine of the scapula
What actions does the trapezius do?
elevate scapula
protract the limb
Which nerve innervates the trapezius?
What is the origin of the latissimus dorsi muscle?
T4-13 and L1-7
Where does the latissimus dorsi insert?
teres tuberosity of the humerous
and aponeuroses with triceps group, teres major and deep pectoral muscles.
What actions does the latissimus dorsi do?
pull trunk forward when limb is fixed, retract the limb (shoulder flex) when limb is free.
Which nerve innervates the latissimus dorsi?
Origin of the Omotransverse muscle?
Wing of the atlas (C1)
Insertion of the Omotransverse?
distal end of scapular spine and acromial fascia
Action of the Omotransverse?
Protract the limb
Innervation of the Omotransverse?
What are the 3 heads of the Brachiocephalicus, and what are their insertions?
Cleidocervicalis - aponeurosis over cranial half of neck
Cleidomastoideus - mastoid process of temporal bone
Cleidobrachialis - distal cranial humerus between biceps and brachialis muscles.
Origin of the Brachiocephalicus muscle?
Clavicular tendon
Action of the Brachiocephalicus?
protracts limb, extend the shoulder, depress the neck, draws head/neck laterally
Innervation of the Brachiocephalicus?
Accessory, cervical and axillary.
What are the 3 parts of the Rhomboid muscle, and what are their origins?
pars cervicis - C2-3 to T3
pars thoracis - T4 to T6-7
pars capitis - tendon from occiput
Insertion of the Rhomboid?
caudal, dorsal border of scapula
Action of the Rhomboid?
adduct scapula, rotate scapula and retract limb, elevate scapula
Innervation of the Rhomboid?
dorsal cervical
Origin of Ventral Serrate?
C3-7 and first 7-8 ribs
Insertion of Ventral Serrate?
fascies serrata of scapula
Action of Ventral Serrate?
suspend thorax, elevate neck, move neck laterally, protract and retract limb, forced inspiration
Innervation of the Ventral Serrate?
ventral cervical and long thoracic
Origin of Superficial Pectoral?
cranial end of sternum
Insertion of superficial pectoral?
proximal cranial humerus
Action of superficial pectoral?
adduct limb, suspend thorax, protract and retract limb
Innervation of superficial pectoral?
cranial pectoral
Origin of Deep pectoral?
sternebrae 1-8
Insertion of Deep pectoral?
lesser and greater tubercles of the humerus, either side of the bicipital groove
Action of Deep pectoral?
retract limb, extend shoulder, suspend thorax
Innervation of the deep pectoral?
caudal pectoral