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Name some Enlightenment ideas that were used to for the American government.
1. natural rights -life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
2. all men created equal
3. people should have a say in government
4. separation of powers
5. checks and balances
6. people have right to change government if they do not think government is meeting the people's needs
Name examples of natural rights that Thomas Jefferson included in the Declaration of Independence
1. all men are created equal
2. life, liberty, pursuit of hapiness
3. people can change the government if they do not think it is meeting the people's needs
What are some effects of industrialization on living and working conditions for the early industrial working class.
-long hours
- worked for little pay
- slum-like living conditions
-mass production lowered prices of goods for consumers
-disease spread easily
-immigrants had tp put up with these conditions because there was a ready supply of workers to replace them
Why did imperialists want to expand into other territories?
1. spread Christianity
2. needed new markets to sell their goods
3. needed more natural resources
What role do citizens have in selecting leaders in a dictatorship and a absolute monarchy?
Citizens do not have any say in selecting leaders in these governments and are not allowed to make decisions.